According to history the New Jersey Nets will not get the number one pick and miss out on future great PG John Wall. Instead they will select in 2-4 area and most likely depending on the pick they will choose either Wesley Johnson(they desperately need a SF), SG Evan Turner or PF/C Demarcus Cousins(Just imagine a Cousins and Brook Lopez front court). Whoever we draft better be good because in reality D-wade, Lebron, Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay and even Carlos Boozer are not goin anywhere. The only people leavin is probably Bosh and Amare along with minor free agents.

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evan can play

theeeee THREE!!!!!!

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Man Lopez and Cousins would

Man Lopez and Cousins would be a beast front court..
But i do think Evan Turner would do lots of things for the Nets.

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