New Look Mountaineers

To start the 2010-11 season, you will see a new WVU team. This years Final Four team is loosing some of its best players. They are loosing Da'Sean Butler, Devin Ebanks, and Wellington Smith. People wont realize how big of an impact Smith had on this team until he is gone. Anyway, the entire philosophy of the team will change for next season. They will go from a team that runs the clock to a team that runs the floor. Look for these guys to get out and run like crazy. Since, as of now, we dont have a big time recruit to replace Butler or Ebanks, I can see Huggins going to a 3 guard rotation. We will be small and try to score alot. Lets look at last years lineup as opposed to next years lineup...

2009-10 Season Lineup

PG: Truck Bryant/Joe Mazzula - 6'2
SG: Da'Sean Butler - 6'7
SF: Devin Ebanks - 6'9
PF: Kevin Jones - 6'8
C: Wellington Smith - 6'7

6th: John Flowers - 6'8
7th: Deniz Kilicli - 6'9
8th: Case Mitchel - 6'4
9th: Dalton Pepper - 6'6

Since our big time recruit is a 6'2 PG named Noah Cotrill, and a raw 7' C, we have to have a big change.

2010-11 Potential Lineup

G: Joe Mazzula - 6'2
G: Truck Bryant - 6'2
G: Casey Mitchell - 6'4
F: Kevin Jones - 6'8
F: John Flowers - 6'8

6th: Deniz Kilicli - 6'9
7th: Dalton Pepper - 6'6
8th: Noah Cotrill - 6'2
9th: Dan Jennings - 6'8

We are going to be small and we are going to have to run to score. Out of those 5 starters, KJ is the only guy that has proved he can consistently score. Mitchell did in JUCO but he hasnt proved he can at WV. Truck did in HS but not in college. Flowers probably never has.

Dont look for WVU to be a Final Four team again next year. It could happen because Huggins always draws everything he can out of players but I dont see much coming from this group.

Huggins has a reputation of getting a big time recruit at the last minute. If he can get a guy that can get to the rim and absolutely score the ball, we could be a completely different team. A SF that can give us 15 points a game could change the entire dynamic of this team.

If nobody commits, when you watch WVU, you are going to see a completely different team. They will be scrappy like always but they will run and try to score in the 80s every night. Not because they have scorers everywhere but because they have a bunch of guys that can run the floor. If they try to bang it in the half court, you will see that nobody on this team can create.

This post was meant to prepare you for the WVU team of next year... They wont be what you expect.

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You also have Jerry West's

You also have Jerry West's kid. Doron Lamb is also considering WVU but I think he goes to Kentucky.

*Cotrill is also very good, very flashy and a good scorer.

WVU is going to have a pretty difficult year next year, but I could see Killici and Pepper stepping up and helping the team out.

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Jonnie West will not get to

Jonnie West will not get to play with Noah there. He didnt get to play this year and we had a huge need at the PG position. Next year, it will be one of our deepest positions.

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