things we were wrong about this season

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things we were wrong about this season

let's hear some of our pre season predictions for the year that we were wrong about. This could be teams better worse then you thought. Players better worse then you thought. Rookies better worse then you thought. Or just anything that surprised you.

Here are some of my misses:

I had Washington finishing 4th and boasted about them being capable of competing in a 7 game series with anyone.

I said Steph Curry was gonna be a bust and compared him to a better ball handling eddie house.

I said the lakers would win about 68 games and make a possible run at the 72 game record set by the bulls

I gave the heat a lot of crap and said they would miss the playoffs.

I predicted the bucks to finish dead last this season.

okay, how about you guys?

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i was

I was wrong about zbo. I predicted philly to be in the playoffs. I didn't think the nets would have the worst record. I also predicted washington to make the playoffs. I was wrong about thabeet. I claimed the grizzlies could win 30 at most.

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Some of mine

Danilo Gallinari would be the leading scorer for the Knicks.

Andre Iguodala would shoot 35% from 3.

Wesley Matthews wouldn't make the Jazz roster.

Brandon Jennings would be Rookie of the Year.

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1.I predicted Micheal

1.I predicted Micheal Beasley would have a breakout year..Maybe make the All-Star team..

2.That Greg Oden would win defensive player of the year..

3.That the Lakers could win 70 games

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I was wrong about 1. Bulls

I was wrong about

1. Bulls and Bucks not making the playoffs.
2. Raptors and 76ers making the playoffs

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Mine were

- OKC taking another year to build something serious.
- 76ers making the playoffs
- Dwight adding some great moves to his arsenal (still became a better player, though)
- Thabeet becoming a disruptive defensive force
- Zach Randolph destroying the chemistry in Memphis (that one really surprised me! :D)

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thought James Harden would

thought James Harden would win ROY.

thought Lakers would have the best record in the league.

thought Wizards would have the 4th best team in the East.

thought Howard would win MVP (my preseason predictions; 22 PPG, 14 RPG, 3 BPG, 60 FG%).

thought Greg Oden would have a breakout year.

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I was certainly wrong in

I was certainly wrong in believing...

1. The Wizards were going to make the playoffs

2. After losing RJ, the bucks would win no more than 33 games

3. Portland had no chance at playoffs after Oden went down

4. Toronto w/ additions of Turk, Jack an a progressing Bargnani would have them 5th seed or higher

5. Ater slow start and contention, Del Negro would get axed

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thought jordan hiII wouId be

thought jordan hiII wouId be the perfect fit for the knicks

thought the suns wouId have an off year

thought the hornets wouId make the pIayoffs

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I had:
Washington making the playoffs
Houston making the playoffs
New Jersey Nets competing for playoffs (gawd)
Thought Jordan Hill would do better
Thought Griffin would be the hands down ROY
Plenty more

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