players roles and where you should draft them

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players roles and where you should draft them

the nba is filled with superstars( the main guy on a team who can carry a franchise), stars ( your second and third options on a team who are capable of scoring15+ and contributing other things), and then your role players who do all the little things. i think its important to have all these types on a team.

so when do you try to draft a potential superstar, star, and role players.

i think superstars should go around 1-10, stars 5-40, and role players 14-62 or whereever the draft ends. later in the draft i think you should think about whos going to be a better role players than who has a chance to be a star. team needs are always important to what you should go for but mid to late second round players should only be measured by role playing ability. you dont want a former number one option drafted there.

stars are just superstars who dont have that extra ability/ work ethic/ drive to make it to the next level.

i think players like john scheyer and marqus blakely are players who would make good late second round picks because they do small things to help your team. shooting ability, hustle, rebounding, basketball IQ and defense are good qualities to have for late picks and if they can excel in one or a couple of those categories they should be drafted late

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