How about Shaun Livingston and Darko Milicic!!!!!!

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How about Shaun Livingston and Darko Milicic!!!!!!

How about Shaun Livingston and Darko Milicic, theyre doing real good right now,
Shaun Livingston showing his Skill and Potential As an Nba Player
and Darko Milicic finally Getting Significant Minutes and Producing
Their Stats:
Shaun Livingston as a Wizard:24 Games pLayed 16 Starts
8.8ppg 4.2 Apg 2.3 Rpg 52.7% FG 89.5%FT 25 MPG
Last 5 Games:16.8ppg 6.6 Apg 4 Rpg 66.7%FG 83.3% FT 38 mpg
Last 10 Games:13.6ppg 5.2 Apg 3.3 Rpg 59.1% FG 86.7%FT 35.4 Mpg
As a Starter:10.8ppg 4.6 Apg 2.9 Rpg 52.6% FG 87.9% FT 30.4MPG
And hes still only 24!!!!!!
Darko Milicic since becoming a T-Wolve 22Games PLayed 16 Starts
8.1ppg 5.7rpg 1.4bpg 1.9 Apg 48.8% FG 25.3MPG
Last 5 Games:12ppg 6.4rpg 3 Apg 2.4 Bpg 50.9%FG 30.4 MPG
Last 10 Games:11.4 PPG 6.2 RPG 2.3APG 1.8 BPG 48.6%FG 29.1MPG
As a Starter:9.6 ppg 5.9 Rpg 2.2 Apg 1.2 bpg 49.7% FG 27.3 MPG

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Good job for them but their

Good job for them but their teams are a combined 40 - 120 ! their teams combined have fewer wins than 16 NBA teams. I'm glad they are getting more playing time and maybe building their confidence, but put them on a playoff team and they wouldn't be getting the minutes because better players would be playing in their place. Lets remember Dicky Simpkins aveaged 9 points and 5 rebounds as a starter for the post Jordan apocolyptic Bulls. I hope they are building confidence because they are gonna need it if they want to play significant minutes on a good team.

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It's a shame..Not many

It's a shame..Not many people will admit it..But Larry Brown verbally abused Darko so bad..Saying things like a 11 year-old kid was more mature than Darko..Really shot down his ego..Plus being vastly overrated didnt help either..Some say Brown & Dumars sparred over who to pick..Dumars wanted Darko..Brown took out his anger on Darko becuz he wanted to draft Carmelo..And hey,dont let those inflated numbers.. Darko is putting up ,fool ya..He did it in Orlando & Memphis..But never on a consistent basis..He's no more than a career backup...1 of the 3 biggest busts in league history..And for Livingston remaining injury free has been his problem...

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I think if he can be put in

I think if he can be put in a position where he can play and get himself mentally in it, Darko can be a solid Center. He actually played well in Orlando which earned him a contract in Memphis where he did not play as well or get minutes. If he would have stayed in Orlando, he may have shown earlier that he is not a total bust. He has all the raw skills and some smarts to be good. It is all mental on why he can't. I think he stopped liking basketball and lost his desire but if he can get it in Minny then Next year he could put up numbers like 12 pt 10 rb 2 blks. Remember it took Bogut a while to get there and he was a number one pick.

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I agree with you Sheltwon.

I agree with you Sheltwon. I mean, everywhere he looked he was seeing and hearing...Darko sucks and that he is the biggest bust of our generation. Fact is, you bring any euro player over to America and it usually takes them a while to adjust. Then you add the fact that he was what 18 years old or something like that. Pilled on top of that is the fact that you are suppose to live up to being picked between LBJ and Melo with Bosh and Wade close behind. That ain't fair at all. I think overall people were way too hard on him and the constant criticism got to be too much for him. But then I remember when he first arrived in Minny, the fans embraced him and gave him support from the get-go and the coaching staff was behind him. I think that really helped his confidence and helped him realize that if he just plays as well as he can, he can remove that bust label and turn into a solid pro. I love having him on this team and it is a hell of a comeback story if he continues on this streak of improvement. I wish him the best.

And Livingston was one of my favorite players when he entered the league. He continues to fight back from one of the worst injuries I have ever seen. If he can be a shell of his former self he will be a very capable player in this league. 6'7" with his (well whats left) of his athleticism and his overall handles and feel for the game, he will continue to improve despite the setback.

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I think with some better fitness Darko could be a starter for Minnesota. He's got skills but no one ever gave him a chance to show them and it's good to finally see him get a chance. I always felt sorry for how it seemed everyone took away all his chances and laughed at him for it.

Nice to see Livingston doing well too. Knew he could play after they signed him in Oklahoma and I hope he can find a place in Washington.

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i dont think there really is

i dont think there really is a place for him in washington ... if gilbert and randy foye and mike miller and crittenton all return ... but i hope he does finds a place somewhere im rooting for him!

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As a Wizards fan, I get to

As a Wizards fan, I get to see Livingston play every game. He really seems to be getting more comfortable w/ the knee. His size is a major problem for opposing defenses and he plays under such control. I would love to see Shaun back next year w/ Arenas, they could be a nice backcourt.

With Darko you see an extremely talented big man w/ great size and ability but one who at times lack assertion. He has the ability to ressurect his career in Minny because they could use a "true" center. Come draft day, dont be surprised to see Big Al swapped for a pick or a wing player... K. Love is ready to assume the starters role.

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i think with Darko, The only

i think with Darko, The only thing holding him back is his Attitude

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