grizzlies 09-10 season

As I already stated in a previous topic in the common part of the forum, I am extremely pleased with the progress this season. I plead to other grizzlies fans not to be down that it's our 4th straight season without playoffs. I want you to see the amazing progress we've made. Rudy's starting to play to his potential. Gasol is on his way to being a great center. Conely finally broke out of his shell...we have now seen his potential. Mayo needs just a little more time and more shots. an Zbo was a huge difference maker this year.

we have young as the head of our bench, with thabeet as our 7th man...not to mention we have brewer too guys. I like marcus williams, I'm not sure if many have been paying attenion to him, but I say give the kid some more time for the grizzlies.

where we need some help at is PG, PF. We need a future PF replacment for Zbo. He will enter his last year of his contract once this season is done.

I think we have a good chance to make it to the playoffs next year guys....afterall.. it came down to the last 3 weeks this season to decide our fate.

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