2009 re-draft

If the 2009 draft has to be made knowing what happend this season, here's who would have been taken higher/lower:

Much Higher:

Wes Matthews (wasn't drafted but graduated in 2009 right ?)

A bit Higher:




Much Lower:


Well of course there's the "player potential" in question it's just for fun (i'm bored at work).

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Last Year's Draft

BJ Mullens did NOT belong in the first round!

D. Blair: Most people said prior to the draft that he belonged in the top 20. And everything he's done so far confirms that.

Harden: I said BEFORE the draft that he's going to be a good player while Tyreke Evans has the potential to be a great player. Two teams had a shot at him, Memphis and OKC, I think both of them made a mistake by passing on Evans.

If I were Minnesota, I would have taken Ty Lawson over Johnny Flynn. The irony is they did draft Lawson at number 18, but they traded him on draft night to Denver.

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OKC didn't need a PG, that's

OKC didn't need a PG, that's why they didn't take Tyreke.
Imagine Memphis Grizzlies with Tyreke in their starting PG spot... Monster team for the future.
Gasol, Gay, Mayo, Evans.... Wow...

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I do agree that line-up

I do agree that line-up would be pretty crazy and if Darrell Arthur really starts playing they would have been nice. Tyreke is going to be a good player on a bad team forever though I feel.

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2009 Draft Recap

Blair was and is a late first round early second round player, he doesnt have a true position and doesnt have a big skill set. He is tough and rebounds and works hard, that to me sounds like a role player so he was a good pick at 37. With that tho he is better then a few players ahead of him but that will be shown down the road.

Harden is a very complete player and will find his game in the next few years, he is going to be a big part of the Thunder success in the future.

Jordan Hill is going to be an all-star in my eyes in a few years, hes got the talent and the best thing to happen to him was leaving the Knicks, that wasnt his style of play and will mold into a very good player in the future.

Hasheem Thabeet was drafted to high and BJ Mullens was as well, I also think DeMar DeRozan low skill set he was drafted to high just on his freakish athletism.

Brandon Jennings is going to be unstoppable in a few years if the Bucks keep getting better and Andrew Bogut stays on the court and out of the training room.

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OKC took a player that made

OKC took a player that made their team better, and since they're on the verge of winning 50 games, I'm not sure how you can disagree.

Hill just hasn't been given the opportunity to show what he's got yet, but even still the Knicks should have taken Jennings...a perfect example of how sometimes you have to take need over best player available.

Tyreke and Mayo in the same backcourt? Sounds like a disaster to me...

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Jordan Hill has been a beast

Jordan Hill has been a beast for the Rockets Lately:
Rockets Average:
6.7ppg 5.2rpg 52.9%FG 69.8%FT in ONLY 17 minutes
7.1ppg 5.1rpg 51.5%FG 71% FT in only 19 minutes
7.7rpg 6.2rpg 60.6%FG 75%FT in ONLY 16 Minutes a game

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I agree with the Thunder

I agree with the Thunder taking James Harden, they need a role player, not a Superstar they already have
Kevin Durant a Superstar, Russell Westbrook as a developing all-star
As for Hasheem Thabeet, i dont think anybody ever really expected thabeet to do real good his rookie season everybody including the grizzlies knew he was a project, and it will take him 2 or 3 more years and good work ethic to reach his potential
And as a Starter for the Grizzllies hes averaging
5.1ppg 6.3 rpg 1.8BPG 63% FT in only 21 minutes
Hes averaging 2 blocks and 6 rebounds in only 21 Minutes!!!!!!!

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Thabeet will be a good

Thabeet will be a good player in this league, amore than decent starting center but still, I'm not sure he's worth a 2nd pick overall.

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This is ridiculous

After one year. You need to give players time to develop. Some players have good rookie seasons, and end up being mediocre players. Likewise, some players make absolutely no impact whatsoever their rookie years and end up being stars.

On that note, it is not fair to say that Henderson should have been drafted much lower, Larry Brown has a reputation for not playing rookies. If the bobcats had taken another player, you would be saying the same thing about them. I think the re-draft is an intersting concept, but you need to give them 2-3 years, possibly more, before making your judgements.

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