Ratliffe and Pressey give verbal commitments to Missouri.

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Ratliffe and Pressey give verbal commitments to Missouri.

Can they be this year K-state in the Big 12? they already looked dangerous and add two more good players.

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I'm telling you guys. Mizzou

I'm telling you guys. Mizzou has a nice roster, and although they lose Zaire Taylor (their most clutch offensive player) and J.T. Tiller (one of, if not, the most intense on-ball defender in the nation the past 2 or 3 years) they get a 5-star recruit and freaky athlete in Tony Mitchell (who I'm still mad K-State let decommit to go to the enemy) and Pressley is a quick and small PG who fits perfect for the Mizzou full court press. Ratcliffe will give them a matchup nightmare at forward who can face or post up. I think Mizzou has a chance to be just as good as they were 2 seasons ago. Kim ENglish is going to be a name to remember, just watch!

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Ratlifee is from my city and

Ratlifee is from my city and plain and simple dude is the truth. Like if he had the grades out of high school he would already be in the NBA as a lottery pick. He can score from anywhere on the court! Mizzou got a it amazes me that he didn't consider any VA schools (but no one does).

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Phil Pressey

this dude is off the hook I'm telling you.....he is tiny but the dude can ball.....he was ranked pretty high until this year, idk what happened but everytime I've seen him he has dominated....and against good competition too...

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