Better fit for the Nets.... John Wall or Ricky Rubio

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Better fit for the Nets.... John Wall or Ricky Rubio

John Wall is the best prospect in the draft hands down... there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a star for years to come. With his size and athleticism there are few point guards if any who can keep him from finishing at the rim or dropping off a pass to one of his big men. That being said, he is a point guard whos playmaking ability come from dominating with the ball in his hands opposed to a pure distributor. If the Nets are successful in bringing in a top tier free agent or two that will limit the effectivness of Walls game. Players such LeBron, Wade, or Joe Johnson's games all center around having the ball in their hands as well.

Could it be more benificial to the team if they worked out a trade for Ricky Rubio, who is much more of a pass first player, if they are able to pick up some fillers to even out the value. The Timberwolves own two draft selections outside of the lottery that they may be willing to move and may be willing to put Kevin Love in a package as well. IMO the combination of Rubio, Love and # 24 overall would make sense for both teams. The Nets still get a potential superstar ar PG, a young stud at PF, and will have two selections in the later first round to fill holes or jockey back into the lottery. The Timberwolves in turn rid themselves of the Rubio drama and are able to use their own selection and attempt to bolster their wing position with Evan Turner or Wesley Johnson.

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Rubio is the best fit for My

Rubio is the best fit for My garden...he can mow grass

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On paper it looks good. But

On paper it looks good. But I don't know if any organization wants to pass up on the potential of Wall.

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