Devin Harris

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Devin Harris

Ever since this season started ppl been sayin they
should trade D.Harris becuz if they win the lottery they
get John Wall..... to me thats the most stoopidest idea
we all kno Wall is a great player and all but
u still have a superstar in D.Harris
honestly u they should get E.Turner
cuz, we kno wat were gonna get out of Harris
and its pointless to think Wall is going to change the
sitiuation he's definitely not on Harris level yet.
They can keep a superstar gaurd and add more talent and
possible a superstar.

Line-Up Next Yr.

Pg. D.Harris
Sg. E.Turner
Pf. Yi or if they get D.Lee this off-season
C. B. Lopez

Any Comments

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LOL I just think it's funny

LOL I just think it's funny that so many of the posters here seem to assume the Nets will be picking 1st and everybody will be picking at a certain spot.

I'm reading things like "the jazz wont be able to draft a SF they need with their pick in the draft because Johnson and Aminu will be gone before they draft" when the Jazz have a shot at picking much higher and both small forwards could fall come draft time.

The Nets have a 25% chance of winning the lottery. Yes thats a greater chance than any other team but it's also still just 25%. There's a 3 out of 4 chance that they will not have the opportunity to draft Wall and might have to take Turner or Favors with the pick they ultimately wind up with.

It would be rediculous to even put Harris on the trade market before seeing what pick they receive, and seeing how the combine plays out.

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Is it true that the Lakers

Is it true that the Lakers pursued him?

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