Nike Hoop Summit Team USA Preview

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Meyers Leonard = jason smith 2.0

7ft tall

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Hope he does better than

Hope he does better than Jason Smith though

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Is that coming on tv anyway

Is that coming on tv anyway that dudeMeyers Leonard cleared taht dude on the dunk he will be a force at illinois and he is underrated as an prospect dude got talent needs to get bigger and become a better rebounder

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i know it comes on fox

i know it comes on fox sports at 10pm saturday in my area

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i'm glad Brandon finally

i'm glad Brandon finally shows his game(he was probably the best player in practices) and he really looks stronger and stronger IDK if he ends up as a legit 6'4 i see him as an elite SG.

offcourse no suprises Barnes and Sullinger plays well and i miss Perry and CJ..USA front-court looks pretty weak without them especially w/o Tobias Harris now.

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