Sebastian Telfair

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Sebastian Telfair

i been watching him tonight and ive really liked what ive seen his midrange jumpshot is on point and he has making good passes his teammates just havnt been making the shots,,, i wanna know why so many teams have already given up on him? i mean he is still only 24! i still think in the right situation he could be a solid starting pg in the league

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nothing about him at this

nothing about him at this point says starter to me. But he can contribute off the bench. He's decent, but his jumper holds him back a little and he doesnt really wow you with anything.

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im taking telfair over

im taking telfair over jennings

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Telfair was one of the few

Telfair was one of the few bright spots when he was with the Clippers. I liked him better than Baron Davis on most nights.

I don't think he's a starter, but he's definitely a very good change of pace point guard off the bench. He just needs to continue improving his jumper.

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i agree with all of you

i agree with all of you except ballallday92.... but it's great to see him playing again and hopefully he'll make use of his limited minutes and be a solid bench player.

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ballallday you are kidding

ballallday you are kidding right? Jennings is a couple years younger than Telfair, has a better jumpshot, and similar handles...and youre taking telfair over him? why?

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Not a fan of telfair

I have never been a fan of telfair I understand why he went in the lottery but he hasnt showed me anything since he has been in the league. He has had some bright spots but for someone that has been in the league for a while he just doesnt seem to have the game to be a constant contributer. But he is only 24 so he still has a chance to develop into a pretty decent player with hard work the question is will he put in the work.

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If Sebastian was 6-2 or 6-3,

If Sebastian was 6-2 or 6-3, NBA all star. Sebastian is 5-11. If he were any other person with those skills and size, he'd be in the ABL.

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I like Telfair and he's

I like Telfair and he's developed a decent mid-range shot to go with his nice handle/slashing ability and passing ability, but he's still a liability on D with his lack of size and fundamentals. He is a backup because of his size, lack of range on his shot and lack of D. I agree with Tezo, he was better than Baron Davis in most of the games I watched of the Clippers in terms of making guys better and being a true floor leader and playmaker.

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