Super Versatile Lottery this Year.

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Super Versatile Lottery this Year.

Just looking at the lottery, I noticed that it is super versatile. I dont know if every lottery is like this but it would make sense if they were because you have to be a good all around player to get into the top 10.

Just look and keep an open mind.

John Wall - PG/SG - He has the makings of Dwayne Wade. 6'4 with great athleticism. He could easily play the SG or the PG. Lets look at other players this size who have done it. Kirk Heinrich, Dwayne Wade, OJ Mayo, Devin Harris, Rodney Stucky, and alot more.. The thing all of these guys have in common is great smarts and the ability to defend and score at both positions. Wall could do this.

Evan Turner - PG/SG/SF - He has the makings of Stephen Jackson. 6'7 with everything needed to play 3 positions. Great intelligence, size, speed, and quickness. Probably wont see alot of time at PG or SF but he could easily play both. Other guys to do this.... Umm. Penny Hardaway, Shawn Livingston.

Derrick Favors - PF - He has the makings of an offensive minded Shawn Williams. 6'9 and long looks good on paper but what can he do with it? Not alot of versatility in the position department, he is going to be a PF and thats all, but he as some skills that make him special. Great leaping ability. Can go off the dribble. Rebounds and defends well.

Wes Johnson - SG/SF - He has the makings of Josh Howard. 6'7 with great ability to do everything well but noting great. He is an instant contributer and will have the most impact on the offensive end of the floor. He is smart and will be able to step in and probably start right away.

Demarcus Cousins - PF/C - He has the makings of Eddy Curry. 6'11 with lots and lots of body. He is a space taker and a rebounder. Can do a little work with his back to the basket and can hit a jumper every now and again. Will need to learn to use his size but once he does, look out for this guy.

Dontas Moniejunas - PF/C - He reminds me of Shrempf. 7' shooter. Sounds like Dirk but wont have that impact. Skinny, fluid, smooth, and smart. It will take him a while to figure the NBA out but once he does, he will start to showcase his talents. He can dribble, shoot, pass, rebound and he is tall. Look for a breakout from this kid during his 2nd or 3rd year or playing.

Al-Farouq Aminu - SF/PF - He has the makings of Andre Kirilinko. 6'9 with a pretty good handle, decent shot, but loves to defend and rebound. Can make the midrange jumper and go off the dribble. If he gets AK-47's smarts, he will be special.

Greg Monroe - PF - He has the makings of David Lee + flash. He could play C but he should stay away from that in the NBA. This kid will be a steal if he goes outside of the top 5. Watching him at Georgetown was just amazing. He ran the break and lead the team in assist on many occasions. People forget that David Lee has point forward ability. That is Monroe. Not quite Lamar Odom but defiantly not a traditional PF. Great IQ, smooth play, with a good handle.

Patrick Patterson - PF - He has the makings of Antonio McDycee. 6'9 with pretty good range and a great body. Will bang inside and step out and hit the midrange shot. Before this year, Patterson was pretty one dimensional. He would bang inside and thats it. This year, he has learned to dribble, pass and most importantly shoot. He is pretty athletic and has good timing and instincts.

Xaiver Henry - SG/SF - He has the makings of Corey Magette. 6'6 with a body that makes NBA players drop there head in shame. This kid's body is more than ready for the NBA but I dont know if his game is. Thus far, he seems like he just wants to shoot and thats it. He spots up and shoots, he drives and shoots, he just shoots.

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I disagree on Favors and Cousins and 2 others

Favors - He's 6'10 250, he's 18 so he will get bigger and stronger as well and has long arms. He's got explosiveness that few can match and is a pure post player. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a part time center depending on his team. If he goes to GSW, Minnesota or even Philly he may very well end up playing center like how Horford did, Bosh did, and Amare.

Cousins - The Curry comparison is due to work ethic and we have gotten that stuck in our minds but as player he is Al Jefferson. Tons of post moves, lacks athletic prowess, rebounds well, fouls a lot on defense and isn't going to be a shot blocker on the next level.

Johnson - He's a bit taller than Howard from what I have seen and can't create like him either. Howard used to be able to always take his guy 1 on 1 while I doubt Wes can do that. He's an off ball player who will come off screen and cuts to the rim.

Patterson - Mcdyess used to be very very athletic, Patterson is athletic but not any where near his level. I think a realistic comparison for him is Jason Maxiell, explosive, can hit a jumper, thick and is a good defender.

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D-Wade is a little bigger

D-Wade is a little bigger than than the names you listed there. But i agree that Wall has the same style of play as Wade. He's basically a smaller, more athletic version of D wade.Hopefully working on his jump shot will be his main priority in the off season.

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No... Favors is a PF more


Favors is a PF more like Josh Smith. He will never be a C because he is so weak. He might be heavy but his body wont sustain the C position. Anthony Randolph is another example of a player like Favors.

Cousins is more like Curry than Jefferson because Jefferson is unstoppable with is back to the basket. Not because he is bigger but because he is very very good. When Cousins proves he can do that stuff against Gasol, Howard, Duncan, Horford ect, I will happily say that I was wrong. As of now, he uses his size and not his skill to be successful. Right now, he is in the Curry mold. He has very little muscle tone, large body, and potential to be special. Eddy Curry.

Johnson is a clone of Howard. You cant say that he is taller. Everyone knows that people lie about their height in college. He is listed at 6'8 or 6'7 but I doubt he is taller than that. Howard is 6'7 and you cant say that one inch makes that much difference. Also, you cant see an inch on TV unless the 2 are standing side by side. Even then, its up in the air. Johnson can score and create, just like Howard. He is built like him, moves like him, and is older coming out of college like Howard was. Same thing.....

Patterson is Maxiell?? Have you ever watched Maxiell play? He cant hit a jumper to save his life. He is like 6'6 with long arms. He is super strong and hustles. That isnt Patterson. Patterson is more athletic and can move better. He can shoot and relies more on athletic ability rather than strength to get by in the post.

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may be this Note is a little

may be this Note is a little off topic but Jonathan Givony the president of was on a chat in hoops world and said that Moniejunas will stay another year overseas
"Jordan in Brooklyn:
How long will it take for Donatas Motiejunas to come into the league? Can he learn to be a decent defender? I guess if the bucks take him ,Scott Skiles will beat him if he doesn't!
Jonathan Givony:
Based on what I'm hearing lately, I think Motiejunas is going to end up staying in Italy for another season. He has no buyout in his contract, his team has had a very disappointing season, and he could definitely use another year to work on his body and try to become a better defender and rebounder. I might have to move him to the 2011 draft. This year's class is stacked at his position anyway.

I really don't see him as a Scott Skiles type player...but you never know I suppose."

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Favors has insane strength

Favors has insane strength and pretty much overpowered every opponent big in the ACC tournament.

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Wall is NOWHERE NEAR Wade.

Wall is NOWHERE NEAR Wade. And never will be. Dwyane Wade is much more athletic, faster, better leaping ability, stronger, better shooter, and waaaaay better on ball, off ball defender. Wade's playing style is Jordan-esque.. That's if you've seen Jordan play. I mean really play. Not just highlights.

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DeMarcus is going to be a

DeMarcus is going to be a much, much better rebounder than Eddy Curry. Not a fan of the Wes Johnson comparison or the Anthony randolph-derrick favors comparison.

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