UNC Next year.

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UNC Next year.

I was talking to one of my friends while watching the mcdonalds game and we started talking about UNC And Harrison Barnes. Do you guys actually think he will be a one and done type player? Because in my opinion he doesent seem like it. Also, what are yall' opinions on Kendall Marshall, my friend said his upside is j-kidd, i just dont know about that

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Kendall Marshall reminds me

Kendall Marshall reminds me of Abdul Gaddy right now. He not quite polished but he does have nice court vision and good size. I have a feeling he's not going to be the immediate answer at PG for them. He's not a great shooter and he's not anywhere near the open court player that UNC has had in the past. I think he plays a bit as a freshman, but he's not going to be the starter. He's not that much better than Larry Drew in terms of passing and ball-handling, and he's not the scorer or shooter Strickland is. I hope he's not expected to be the engine that makes UNC go next year.

Harrison Barnes doesn't seem like your prototypical 1-and-done, but he is very good at everything. I think he can be a 1-and-done next year because he'll have great all around numbers.

Johnny Kilroy
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Marshall has better court vision

than Larry Drew and Dexter Strickland. Marshall has a higher basketball IQ and is very good at running a team. His most valuable asset is his passing skills. Dexter is not a point guard and has no jump shot, at all- his biggest strength is his speed. Larry makes a great play and follows it up, with 2 bonehead plays. His mistakes come from a low basketball IQ- makes turnovers without defensive pressure.

Harrison should help out in the leadership department, which is one thing UNC lacked last year. Barnes and Bullock should provide much needed outside shooting and 2 guys capable of getting points on their own.

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What does everyone thing

What does everyone thing their starting lineup is assuming Davis leaves, there 1/2 spots are pretty wide open.

PG: Drew/Marshall
SG: Graves/Strickland/Bullock
SF: Barnes/Bullock
PF: Henson/Wear/Wear
C: Zeller

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graves would get killed on d

graves would get killed on d at the 2 spot

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