Possible Situation for Sherron Collins

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Possible Situation for Sherron Collins

Well as we all know the jayhawks are not in the final four but Aldrich and Henry are a lock for the lottery but as for Sherron Collins he can slip far as 50 in the second round beacuse due to his perfomence in the tournament and his being of a 5'11'' score first gaurd......SO MY OPINION FOR HIM IS..??????

1.)He can have some good workouts go top 2 pick in the second round
2.)Get in shape loose the weight play as a pass first pg in his workouts and grab a 25-30 pick in the first round
3.)If all goes wrong and he slips he can get picked up by the Chicago Bulls with the 42 pick and be terrific 3 string pg and play the Pargo role (im pretty sure he wont be there next year) its a win win situation for him 1.hometown 2. a lil playing time and for the Bulls they will sale tickets.....


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I can see Indiana wanting him in the 2nd round

Or Chicago, and I have a random feeling Boston would like him

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I am hoping that Lazar falls

I am hoping that Lazar falls to the Bulls in the second round. I think he would be a better help to them than Collins. I like Collins but I don't see him going in the first round. Maybe he can be a a Wil Bynum type of player.

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It is difficult to predict

It is difficult to predict where players will go in the second round,a lot of trades happens in those early second rounds

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He wont go to indiana because he's not white

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Pacers Roster: TJ Ford-

Pacers Roster:

TJ Ford- Black
Mike Dunleavy- White
Jeff Foster- White
Danny Granger- Black
Hansbrough- White
Head- Black
D. Jones- Black
S. Jones- Black
McRoberts- White
Murphy- White
Price- Black
Rush- Black
Watson- Black

8 Black 5 White

They would have no problem taking Collins if they like his game.

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