Space jam

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Space jam

If Space jam was remade who would you have to replace Mr Jordan, kobe? James? someone else?

and who would be the 5 Talents that get stolen?

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LBJ or Dwight would be the main guys, they have personality

I think the talents would be Dwight/LBj (whoever isnt the main guy), Kobe, Wade, CP3, and if Dwight is the main guy it would be Shaq(not as good as he used to be but he'd be great in space jam) and if LBJ was the main guy it'd be KD

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shawn bradley got his talent

shawn bradley got his talent stolen
so now it would be............

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You forget about who the

You forget about who the Monstars were. It wasn't just a collection of the best players

It'd be LeBron as the main character.

MonStars would be:

As Patrick Ewing - Amare Stoudemire (He's really good but also plays the bad guy role well)

As Muggsy Bogues - Nate Robinson (Short fan favorite)

As Charles Barkley - Rasheed Wallace (As a player, the opposite, but personality fits with the passion and the fact that parents probably aren't fans)

As Larry Johnson - Kevin Durant (Getting a lot of hype lately and a fan favorite)

As Shawn Bradley - Chris Kaman (similarly goofy, tall and -- yes -- white)

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who cares... the real

who cares... the real question is who should mj's "bill murray" sidekick be... which should undoubtably be tracy morgan...

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