Omar Samhan

I just looked at the most recent 2010 draft projections. If ANYBODY thinks Omar Samhan is going to be the last (60th) pick in this year's draft then you're CRAZY. Plane and simple. Are you telling me, as this site suggests, that there are 59 better players than Samhan in the draft pool? Yeah right!!! That's nuts.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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One of the worst defenders

One of the worst defenders ever, never going to see the court.

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Maybe there aren't 59 better

Maybe there aren't 59 better players than him right now in it (as far as their game in college), but Samhan certainly does not seem like the type of player whose game is going to transcend well to the NBA. His post moves, while somewhat effective at the college level, are some of the slowest I've ever seen. He just seems like he is always in slow motion. He is determined though and I love his will to fight for his buckets and boards. He's got a nice bit of confidence too which I feel is a must to have in the NBA. I'd love to see him develop into a solid player, I just think he is going to have a tough time going against NBA big men.

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if anybody wanted to draft a

if anybody wanted to draft a center who ran about 3 mph and tired out super quick then yeah draft him...

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add him on facebook lol

add him on facebook lol 4real he accepts anyones request....pretty cool actually

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if Johan Petro and Sener

if Johan Petro and Sener Sene can be drafted...I think anything is possible...

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esperanzafleet69, just take

esperanzafleet69, just take pitman instead.

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People fail to forget that

People fail to forget that there have been more talented but slow guys like him make the NBA but they hardly play. Aaron Gray rarely gets court time even though he is talented and more so than Omar. Petro is long and athletic and he can play pretty well. Senar was another long athletic guy with no skills and i think he is out of the league.

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Omar is a good NCAA player, but he probably can't stick around in the NBA even if he can make a team. He is Hoffa v2.0.

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Explain how an indivual can fail to forget? Wouldn't that just be remembering lol?

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My point is, he may be first

My point is, he may be first rounder. Some may say mid-second round pick. But the LAST pick. Let's be real.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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I think he will be a guy who

I think he will be a guy who will live and die by the combine and pre draft camps. If he tests out to be less athletic than people think I believe he will drop to the late 2nd or out of the draft, but if he is more athletic than originally though and he plays well against more athletic players in the camps he could be a guy who gets a lot of buzz and gets taken in the early to mid 2nd round.

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Is this going to be one of

Is this going to be one of those funny threads that reemerges in a year from one of the spammers where everyone laughs because Samhan will be playing in Spain? I don't think Samhan is a nothing prospect, but he isn't going to be playing in the NBA next year? Geez, Roy Hibbert and Nate Jawai will look like Usain Bolt next to this guy. He has little experience playing against bigger and more athletic competition, and he'd basically just be a third string center capable of giving 6 fouls and maybe four or five minutes in the second quarter against DeSagana Diop if he was in the league next year. I have to believe if a team is going to draft him they will do so wanting him to go oversees to lose some weight and learn to player at a faster level.

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not trying to be funny

but John Bryant is probably as good as Samhan

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I think some people here

I think some people here forget the fact that about half of the second rounder don't make it to the NBA or come after few years from playing overseas
this thread is mainly about where he will be drafted and I agree that he would be higher than 60 pick (I think he will be in the range of 45-55)
will he make it to the NBA is another story

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