Why is Winter Park in the NHSI

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Why is Winter Park in the NHSI

I know that Winter Park has Austin Rivers, one of the top HS players but i dont think they should be in the NHSI. Living in florida i know there are quite a few teams that are ranked higher in the State than them and quite a few more that could beat them.

First off Monteverde is a better team and they are the 1 seed in the tournament

Arlington Country Day is clearly a better team than Winter Park as well

I think Orlando Christian Prep is also better

and Providence (Stacey poole and Patric Young) is also a better team.

Winter Park gets hyped up in FL for being the 6A school state champion when in reality 6A is one of the weaker divisions despite size.

I think the state skill levels go as follows.
Then there is a huge talent gap, then following is
and lastly 4A

6A is the largest schools going down to the smallest schools like 1A.
If you want to see some of the schools in each, check out maxpreps tournaments

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I do agree some of those

I do agree some of those teams are better, buts its an Invitational. They can invite whoever they want, doesn't matter if there better. Winter Park is obviously attractive because of Rivers so they invited them so more people would come and watch.

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