I need help finding this answer

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I need help finding this answer

First off KGB sucks lol. While watching the McDonalds all american game last night I came up with a question. How many McDonalds all americans don't make it to the NBA? Thinking it would be a good topic to post on here along with the question of who in this years class you think won't make it, I texted KGB to get the answer. I got every other answer I didn't ask for. Told me how many McD's are currently in the NBA, How many players total in the NBA, and how many went straight to the NBA from HS. None of what I asked for.

So my question is what percentage of McD's AA don't make it to the NBA and which you don't see making it based on what you know about them? I know someone on here can find the answer. Hope you guys are better than KGB?

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this could help a little

this could help a little bit's_All-American_Game

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