Corey Brewer

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Corey Brewer

How much consideration do you think he will get for most improved player? I've been touting his improvement for a while now but I was just kinda getting laughs at first. Now he current has double his scoring out put, totally changed his shooting style and is now a solid 3 point shooter, a great dunker now (that dunk on Fisher was so tight), and his defense is improving. I doubt he will get the award but I think he should be in contention. I'm very pleased to see that my T-Wolves 7th overall pick might not turn out to be a bust.

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I dont think he will ever

I dont think he will ever live up to the tag of the 7th pick but he has been really solid for the Wolves this seaosn. One on the best defenders in the league with an improving game on offense

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If you think he's one of the

If you think he's one of the best defenders in the league and is a solid option on offense, I'm not sure what else you could expect from a 7th pick....

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