Breaking the draft down into Tiers

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Breaking the draft down into Tiers

Tier 1- John Wall & Evan Turner

Tier 2- DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors, Wes Johnson

Tier 3- Monroe, Motiejunas, Aminu

Tier 4- Aldrich, Henry, Anderson, Whiteside, Patterson, James, Udoh, Vesely

Tier 5- Bledsoe, Ebanks, Orton, Crawford, Lawal, Butler

Tier 6- George, Dominique Jones, Warren, Robinson, Bradley, Sanders, Hayward, Vasquez

Tier 7- Dunn, Johnson, Pondexter, Sidney, Babbit, Varnado, Booker

Tier 8- Brackins, Bjelica, Collins, ...

Ok got a lill tired of it but what you think? I admit Im not the biggest expert on college hoops but this is how much of a feel I have for whats going on for the upcoming draft. Also note the player with in the tiers are not ordered by talent. I just grouped them.

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tier 1 John Wall tier 2 Evan

tier 1

John Wall

tier 2

Evan turner
Wesley Johnson
Donatas Motiejunas
Derrick Favors

tier 3

demarcus cousins
greg monroe
paul george

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Cousins should be Tier 1,

Cousins should be Tier 1, his only question mark is his temper but that could be exagerated his game is tailor made for the NBA

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I may do an article at some

I may do an article at some point breaking these down a bit, but here's how I see it right now. (Order within each tier is not specific.)

Top Tier:

  • John Wall
  • Evan Turner

Second Tier:

  • Derrick Favors
  • DeMarcus Cousins
  • Wesley Johnson
  • Al-Farouq Aminu
  • Donatas Motiejunas
  • Hassan Whiteside
  • Patrick Patterson

Third Tier:

  • Xavier Henry
  • Greg Monroe
  • Cole Aldrich

 Fourth Tier:

  • James Anderson
  • Jan Veseley
  • Devin Ebanks
  • Larry Sanders
  • Paul George
  • Ed Davis
  • Eric Bledsoe
Fifth Tier:
  • Terrico White
  • Trey Thompkins
  • Elliot Williams
  • Gani Lawal
  • Damion James
  • Dominique Jones
  • Kyle Singler
  • Da'Sean Butler
  • Jordan Crawford
  • Luke Babbitt
For what it's worth, I think the jump between the third tier and the fourth tier is particularly huge. I sort of see this as a 12-player draft myself, though I think others might disagree.
Davis is the player I'm most intrigued by. It will be interesting to see what teams think of him, should he declare at all. 
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I don't get what people love

I don't get what people love about patrick patterson, solid jumpshot for a college level bigman, good, but not great athleticism, not a polished post player and he is not overwhelming in terms of size

but i am really intrigued by george, white, and williams...they are all very athletic, fast and can create their own shot. Plus they all have alot of defensive potential

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Similar to Adi Joseph

First Tier: Locks to be stars.

John Wall
Evan Turner
DeMarcus Cousins

Second Tier: Consistent all-stars, small bust possibility.

Derrick Favors
Wesley Johnson

Third Tier: Either high ceiling, or NBA ready player who will be very solid.

Al-Farouq Aminu (ceiling)
Cole Aldrich (NBA ready, solid)
Patrick Patterson (NBA ready, solid)
Greg Monroe (combination of the two)

Fourth Tier: High risk, high reward, big project

Hassan Whiteside
Donatas Motiejunas

Fifth Tier: Coming out too early.

Xavier Henry
Eric Bledsoe
Ed Davis

There is a massive drop in talent after this IMO. I think I am a lot higher on Cousins than a lot of people, but the guy is an absolute monster. Everybody is constantly saying "He has mental problems" or "He needs to work on his maturity". Every time the camera panned to him after he was just subbed out and he was arguing with Calipari (and they did this constantly for some reason or another just hoping that he was going to do something crazy) I thought to myself this is the time that he is just going to blow up and every single time he did not blow up, he did not break down and start crying. He is an emotional player, no doubt about that, but I see this as a young player who doesn't like to lose, who doesn't like to player poorly. Physically the guy is a beast, the only real flaws that anybody has with him is he is "not that athletic" and his "mental issues". Both of these are somewhat true, but only to a certain extent. I am so high on the guy that if my Pistons get the number 1 overall pick I debate taking him over Wall (although we are absolutely desperate for a big, so it may not be that big of a stretch). If we get the number 2 pick I take him over Turner without having second thoughts, and I am a big Turner fan.

Anyways other then Cousins...Favors has a ton of upside and will probably be a very good player, but like all ultra athletes who may not be great basketball players (why are there 3 people on the planet who can combine unreal athleticism with basketball talent and 3 million who cannot) I am wary. Definitely a top 4 player in the draft though. In my mind Johnson is the clear number 5 guy in this draft. He has the size and skill to be a very very good player, just a silent killer out on the court.

After the top 5 there is a pretty big drop in talent. Aldrich may be the most NBA ready guy in the draft and Patterson will be solid. Aminu is a bit of an enigma for me. He is clearly an elite athlete, but the problem is he is not and IMO never will be a number 1 or 2 scoring option (if he is your team is in big big trouble). If he gets drafted and the team is thinking this guy is going to be an offensive threat I think the team will be in for a big surprise, even 5 years down the road. I think that he has two career options:
1. He comes into the league on a team that does not want him to be a scorer. He is immediately one of the top defenders in the league and becomes one of the best "role" players (assuming you consider someone like Josh Smith a role player and not a star) in the league.
2. He comes into the league on a team that says here is the ball. He becomes a guy that averages 16 ppg on 23 bad shots. He still does the rebounding and defending pretty well, but thinks he is better than he is offensively and does not need to put the extra effort that could make him an elite defender.
I really like the guy, I hope that scenario 1 happens, but I really think it is 50/50 for the guy. I don't know a whole lot about his attitude, but if he has a good attitude then the chances of scenario 2 happening significantly decrease. Monroe is a player that has a pretty decent ceiling, but is also pretty NBA ready. I would not be happy with him being drafted 6-8, but I would not be too disappointed either.

After this Whiteside I just see as a big time bust waiting to happen. I must admit I have not seen him play much at all, but do these type of players ever meet their "extremely high potential". I can think of dozens of busts and not many that do.

I like Bledsoe and Henry, but both would probably be better suited returning for another year and then coming out (although Bledsoe probably should come out now with the lack of pg talent and his supposed home situation). I am not high on Davis at all, I do not understand the obsession with the guy by this site. Think he should also return to school and prove he can play. I would be very disappointed if my team drafted him anywhere before 12-15.

After this there is another big drop in talent IMO, so just going to stop here.

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