Wes Johnson

How would you feel about the sixers grabbing him to pair with Iggy?
PG- Jrue
SG- Iggy
SF- Johnson
PF- Brand
C- Sammy
6man- Lou
7man- Speights

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I don't really like him,

I don't really like him, first off he'll be 23 his rookie year so he doesn't have much room to grow. Second he played zone defense in college so you would expect his man to man defense to be pretty poor.

I just don't think he's great at anything, he's good at everything(kinda like Iguodala), but not great at one thing. I'd much rather get Henry, or take a risk on Whiteside.

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Honestly, I would love to maybe use our lottery pick to move EB and give Speights a shot instead of taking a chance on Whiteside, Johnson, or Henry. I just don't really like this draft outside of wall and turner so I wouldn't mind being awful for another year and then trying our luck in next years draft. Maybe get lucky and land a potential franchise player in Perry Jones cuz right now that's what we are lacking.

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I'm pretty positive the

I'm pretty positive the Dalenbert contract expires this year so why not draft Greg Monroe if Wes Johnson is not on the board. Also If the sixers have a 6th man it would be Thaddeaus Young not Lou Williams.

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speights is a problem im

speights is a problem im from philly i saw when he dropped 30 on howard how many people did that this sesaon?

he needs more playing time tho

no greg monroe

this draft is full pf big men a nice role player will go undrafted since its so many people entering there name in the draft

young is nice but I like him at the powerfoward more then the sf

I would like to see henry on the sixers he will get the tim eto develope plus if the strike gold and a up and coming draft he can play both sf and sg or go to the bench because they lack size in depth at those postions

but the only pf worth takin for the sixers in this lottery is favors
other then that anybody will do

andre will be a great second or third option on any team { the pacers should jump on this next year and maybe they a finally get out the lottery

I was baffled when they gave him more money he deserves it but the sixers arent going anywhere so why?

they gave him more money so they can get more asssets back when they do trade him
finally smart thinking on the sixers behalf

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If we can bench Brand even with his contract and take a chance on Whiteside to team with M16 then that might be a good 4-5 combo. Problem is we would still lack the main thing to take you far in the playoffs: a superstar. Tanking like hell and grabbing Harrison Barnes next year would be my dream.

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Take a chance with Whiteside? hell no. Every sixers fan(and coaching staff) want Sammy D out...and hes like the comparison,,,, and willie G needs to get outta here.
Also elton brand killed us. M16 Thad JHoliday and Even Turner our are only bight spots.
And idk bout jason smith and joddie meeks, there alittle iffy even tho the had a great remaining 10
Iggy is apparenly is our best play with a carrer high of 34points and has never averaged more than
20 for a season.

Every year we say ooo lets get someone to run with iggy(terrence williams, al thortan, Wes johnson)not happening

Even Turner sould turn us around the starting line up should be
m16(but hes a pf)

Cuz they our best players

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I feel like johnson will be

I feel like johnson will be one of 3 impact players to come out of this draft. He is not a complete player yet, but man can he play. He is very versatile (can play 2,3,4) and can shoot the lights out. Needs to gain about 20 lbs. and work on creating his own shot.

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speights is a problem im from

speights is a problem im from philly i saw when he dropped 30 on howard how many people did that this sesaon?

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