Yahoo Sports Jason King giving scouting reports on draft prospects;_ylt=Aikiba_6Yq8UtLVLoeY5D9...

The scouts, speaking on the condition of anonymity, provided some interesting opinions on the players expected to be drafted. It is rather long so check out the link.

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When was this done?

Kyle singler between 18-30 is a complete joke. Other players are more accurate. Booker for sure 1st round? Maybe

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How is it a complete joke

How is it a complete joke when the guy is a scout? At least in theory, he has both input into a decision and knowledge based off previous experience of being on the inside of drafts.

"Whenever he decides to come out I think he’ll be a first-round pick. He’ll get picked between No. 18 and 30. He’s got a great feel for the game. He’s not a great athlete. He’s also known as a better shooter than he really is. I don’t think he’s a dead-eye shooter. In order to play in the NBA he’s going to have to be a little bit like Ryan Anderson … kind of like a spread four-man. He’s going to have to shoot it real consistently in that role."

Basically what he said is that Singler isn't a great athlete he personally does not think he is as good of a shooter as his reputation says. In order to make it, Singler will have to shoot it better than whoever this scout thinks he will. I read this as he doesn't think Singler is likely to play in the NBA for a long time, but that with his Duke pedigree will end up in the first round. I think that is completely reasonable.

A lot of articles about prospects talk about how scouts seem to really like Booker. I for one see now reason there should be a round difference in Patterson and Booker. I think they are really similar players with Patterson maybe being an inch taller and a few pounds heavier, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if Booker goes in the first.

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I really agree with about 95% of what the article said. I actually think Booker and Lawal are the same player, but Lawal will be taken higher because he has a better profile. Whiteside probably won't be the best player of this draft, but he has the most upside no question. I disagree with the majority opinion that Turner isn't an NBA point. He will play more PG than most people think, especially if he lands on a team without one. I actually think Cousins will turn out to be what Derrick Coleman should have been. Willie Warren a DEFINITE second rounder? In what reality? Seriously, if you're a GM on the hot seat needing juice in the backcourt, name 30 to 35 players in this draft that will produce more than Warren. Warren has red flags, but let's not get crazy. That was really the only ridiculous comment in the article.

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