Lets Play.....THE "DECLARE OR STAY" game!

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Lets Play.....THE "DECLARE OR STAY" game!

*Some of these have already declared, so if they have do you think they will stay?:

*Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)-

*Herb Pope (Seton Hall)-

Ed Davis (UNC)-

*Derrick Caracter (UTEP)-

*Tommy Mason-Griffin (Oklahoma)-

*Manny Harris (Michigan)-

Kalin Lucas (Michigan State)-

Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma)-

*Sylven Landesburg (Virginia)-

*Jimmer Freddette (BYU)-

Jahmar Young (New Mexico State)-

Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky)-

Darrington Hobson (New Mexico)-

Trey Thompkins (Georgia)-

Willie Warren (Oklahoma)-

Elliot Williams (Memphis)-

Avery Bradley (Texas)-

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*Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)-

*Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)- Should stay, but the whole thing with Bobby Gonzalez making guys jump ship

*Herb Pope (Seton Hall)- Same as Jeff Robinson

Ed Davis (UNC)- Declare

*Derrick Caracter (UTEP)- Declare

*Tommy Mason-Griffin (Oklahoma)- Stay

*Manny Harris (Michigan)- Stay

Kalin Lucas (Michigan State)- Stay

Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma)- Stay

*Sylven Landesburg (Virginia)- If he is fine with being selected in round 2, then declare is the way to go

*Jimmer Freddette (BYU)- Stay

Jahmar Young (New Mexico State)- Stay

Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky)- Stay

Darrington Hobson (New Mexico)- Declare due to age

Trey Thompkins (Georgia)- Stay, could have a huge impact for UGA next year

Willie Warren (Oklahoma)- Stay

Elliot Williams (Memphis)- Stay

Avery Bradley (Texas)- Stay

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I think they should all

I think they should all stay. I don't think any one of them is ready for the NBA.

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It's hard to tell because

It's hard to tell because you don't know people's financial situations. Obviously someone like Bledsoe and Warren could come back and improve their stock alot, but if they need money their is no reason for them to stay cause they're guarenteed first round picks.

Also for Bledsoe, look what happened to Warren this year, if your a lotto pick you need to declare.

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DanEboy, I agree with you on

DanEboy, I agree with you on all, except for Darrington Hobson I believe he is ready. Though, so much of this is a money thing if they can be a first round pick and make millions of dollars to do what they have been doing in college then you take it.

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should or shouldn't

I'm not going to predict whether they are dumb or not dumb b/c as past has shown many make a dumb choice....I will say if they should or should not stay based on if it is the right time for them to go stock wise.....

Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)- ground to stand on....

*Herb Pope (Seton Hall)- he just declared and I'm ok with it....I'd draft him in the 2nd hes a beast but he could stay and get better...

Ed Davis (UNC)- Go......anytime you're a lottery pick there is no need to press your luck....

*Derrick Caracter (UTEP)- stay....I wouldn't draft Caracter if he stayed 12 more years so he might as well get a degree....

*Tommy Mason-Griffin (Oklahoma)- I would draft this dude in a heartbeat if I was the Knicks in the second round....that being said he isn't ready....but he already declared so...

*Manny Harris (Michigan)- go (no agent)....see Harris is talented enough for the league and idk if he will raise his stock any more next year cuz Michigan will still blow in a tough Big Ten...

Kalin Lucas (Michigan State)- Stay...he needs to rehab

Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma)- stay....not ready at all and doesn't have any buzz....

*Sylven Landesburg (Virginia)- transfer....but he already declared too so its moot....

*Jimmer Freddette (BYU)- stay....not ready for the league...

Jahmar Young (New Mexico State)- stay...he has game but he is just starting to get year is his year to build on the small name he has built for himself....

Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky)- go...same situation he was in playing the 2 with Wall, it will be no different with Brandon Knight next year....he might as well go get his guaranteed contract now and have it be with a decent team...

Darrington Hobson (New Mexico)- go....he has buzz right now and I doubt it will get better b/c I highly doubt New Mexico has anywhere near the season they had this year....

Trey Thompkins (Georgia)- stay....hopefully Georgia can do something as a team next year and even if they don't he is still thought of as a possible lottery pick next year....this year not so much....

Willie Warren (Oklahoma)- stay....he can't possibly have the garbage season he had this year....maybe he can build himself back into a lottery pick...

Elliot Williams (Memphis)- go (no agent)....this really has everything to do with the family situation that brought him to Memphis in the first place....if he feels comfortable and he thinks he will go in the first round than he should go.....

Avery Bradley (Texas)- go...if he leaves he will go in the first almost for sure so he should go get his payday....

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Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)-

Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)- Stay. Even if he's mad they don't have a coach, he's not a guaranteed pick. He's basically just a freak athlete with low skill-level.

*Herb Pope (Seton Hall)- He'll leave and be a D-Leaguer.

Ed Davis (UNC)- Go. Projected lotto pick I think he goes. UNC could be great with him back though, but it's very doubtful he stays.

*Derrick Caracter (UTEP)- Go. UTEP can be scary good next year, and he can be a big reason. Don't think he'll return though, especially since he declared again after testing the waters 2 years ago.

*Tommy Mason-Griffin (Oklahoma)- Go. He can be a Jameer Nelson clone with more touching up but he has made his mind up. For better or worse. Coach Capel doesn't want him back either really.

*Manny Harris (Michigan)- Go. You are what I thought you were. A high volume scorer who is inefficient and not a winner.

Kalin Lucas (Michigan State)- Stay. The injury will want NBA guys to see more of him before drafting him. If he has a strong SR season, he'll be a late 1st rounder.

Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma)- Go to the D-League young man. College is done without you.

*Sylven Landesburg (Virginia)- He should leave. I think he's going to have to work to stay in the NBA, but he can get a passport from what I've heard, because of his parents.

*Jimmer Freddette (BYU)- Go. BYU will be stuck in neutral next year, and I think he can play in the NBA right now.

Jahmar Young (New Mexico State)- Stay. The guy's talented if you watch Newe Mexico State play, but he's not known by much of anyone.

Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky)-

Darrington Hobson (New Mexico)- Go. He's put all his skills in the forefront, and New Mexico isn't gonna be as good next year. Not much can improve his stock.

Trey Thompkins (Georgia)- Stay. Georgia will be a good team next year. Look out for him and Travis Leslie.

Willie Warren (Oklahoma)- Stay. Needs to have the season he's capable of having and place himself beack in lotto talks. He's a borderline 1st round pick, too low for someone as gifted as he is offensively.

Elliot Williams (Memphis)- Stay. He's got a chance to win a title next year, and to show what he can do with other scorers on his team, whic will be good because he's going to be a complimentary role player in the L.

Avery Bradley (Texas)- Go. He's not going to be a PG for Texas next year, which is what NBA teams want to see. He's shown what he can be at SG, a solid but unspectacular play who doesn't take risks and defends well.

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Some of these have already

Some of these have already declared, so if they have do you think they will stay?:

*Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)- Both Robinson and Jeremy Hazell declared and decided to not hire an agent. Robinson really never struck me as much of a prospect, so the decision to play at Seton Hall or Brazil is really just a matter of whether he wants to stick around another year. It really does not matter. Hazell, at the very least, will be in the D-League and a probable 10-day contract type of guy. It does not matter a whole lot for a guy like that how old he is when he comes into the league, so I really don't think it would hurt to return. It really just depends on whether he wants to learn a new system at Seton Hall or a new system in the NBDL.

*Herb Pope (Seton Hall)- If his family needs money, he ought to go find a league somewhere that will pay him. It will probably be overseees.

Ed Davis (UNC)- I would like to see him stay, and the injury makes it more likely. His father is a long time NBA guy, so I tend to believe he will get solid information and make the right decision.

*Derrick Caracter (UTEP)- I think he could a solid get in the second round. At very worst, a team would be looking at another Nazr Mohammed or Marreese Speights. With some work and polish, there is no reason he can't be the second coming of Z-Bo. He has that kind of upside. There is still room to wonder if he wants it, and that has to be the fear.

*Tommy Mason-Griffin (Oklahoma)- If he doesn't like school, so be it. I think he will have a nice spot in the D-League and if he shows some professionalism there could back door his way to an NBA career.

*Manny Harris (Michigan)- I think he is similar to Terrence Williams where he can do a lot of things well but if he can't hit shots will struggle for it to matter. The fact that he will probably go in the second round makes it a riskier proposition.

Kalin Lucas (Michigan State)- He is hurt right now. With such a small time for declaring and testing, I would not be shocked if he returns. If he declares, I think he'll get taken and be in the league. The worry has to be whether he would fall into a Patty Mills-like situation.

Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma)- Stay in school and lose weight. If declared ineligible, go to the NBDL and get into shape in preparation for the 2011 draft.

*Sylven Landesburg (Virginia)- I liked him as a freshman and loved the progress as a sophomore. Not everyone agrees, but given that he can get either an Austrian and Israeli passport there is little risk. He is going to make a lot of money playing professional basketball somewhere.

*Jimmer Freddette (BYU)- I think he could get a 1st round guarantee from someone, but if not he said he would return.

Jahmar Young (New Mexico State)- He isn't hiring an agent, so my guess would be he'd return.

Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky)- I like him, but only if a team already has a starter for the next year or two. He shows great flashes, but the lows were pretty bad. Coming off the bench as a rookie would temper the ups and downs.

Darington Hobson (New Mexico)- I think he'll go, but then again I would have guessed that he would have declared as soon as he got back to New Mexico after they lost in the tournament.

Trey Thompkins (Georgia)- Go to school, win a few games, and become a more efficient player. The potential is there to develop into an NBA player, but if he flames out of the league he might end up being out of sight and out of mind in Europe when that happens.

Willie Warren (Oklahoma)- He's hurt, so I think he'll stay. He has basically said as much.

Elliot Williams (Memphis)- With his family issues, he might need to come out. If so, I think he could make it so it wouldn't be the worst decision.

Avery Bradley (Texas)- He should return to school and learns to handle the point. He reportedly has a wide range of opinions on where he could go, and why risk it. He is good enough where it is just a matter of time before he figures it out.

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*Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)-

*Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)- Stay

*Herb Pope (Seton Hall)- Go

Ed Davis (UNC)- Go

*Derrick Caracter (UTEP)- Go

*Tommy Mason-Griffin (Oklahoma)- Go

*Manny Harris (Michigan)- Go

Kalin Lucas (Michigan State)- Go, draft lacks PG talent

Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma)- Stay

*Sylven Landesburg (Virginia)- Go

*Jimmer Freddette (BYU)- Go

Jahmar Young (New Mexico State)- Stay

Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky)- Go, arguably the 2nd best PG in the draft

Darrington Hobson (New Mexico)- Go

Trey Thompkins (Georgia)- Stay

Willie Warren (Oklahoma)- Tough decision since the draft lacks PGs but he had a real disappointing season. Stay

Elliot Williams (Memphis)- Stay

Avery Bradley (Texas)- Go

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Jeff Robinson (Seton

Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall)-Stay

*Herb Pope (Seton Hall)-Go

Ed Davis (UNC)-Go

*Derrick Caracter (UTEP)-Stay

*Tommy Mason-Griffin (Oklahoma)-Go, but should stay

*Manny Harris (Michigan)-Go

Kalin Lucas (Michigan State)-Stay, (hurt, so his draft stock has also slid too)

Tiny Gallon (Oklahoma)-Stay

*Sylven Landesburg (Virginia)-Go

*Jimmer Freddette (BYU)-Go

Jahmar Young (New Mexico State)-Stay

Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky)-Go

Darrington Hobson (New Mexico)-Stay

Trey Thompkins (Georgia)-Stay

Willie Warren (Oklahoma)-Go

Elliot Williams (Memphis)-Stay

Avery Bradley (Texas)-Go, but should stay

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