Nike Hoop Summit

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Nike Hoop Summit

Where: Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon
When: April 10, 2010
Time: 7pm PDT
Courtside seats are $25 and $50 and general admission are $10.

USA Team: Harrison Barnes, Will Barton, Reggie Bullock, Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, Kendall Marshall, Tobias Harris, Terrence Jones, Jared Sullinger, and one more to be named.

World Team: Cory Joseph, Duje Dukan, Sui Ran, Jason Cadee, Tristan Thompson, Enes Kanter, Nikola Mirotic, Mael Lebrun, Dejan Musti, and Robert Loe

I got courtside seats and I'm looking forward to seeing Harrison Barnes and Enes Kanter play. This will be the first time I've seen a player from China, Sui Ran play in this game.

The game is also going to be televised in Fox Sports Net.

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i would like Selby,

i would like Selby, Jones,Leslie too..

and offcourse our guy Jonas Valanciunas on world team but he won't play probably because he should be with his Lietuvos Rytas team.

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I see this game being really

I see this game being really close, Joseph and Thompson have good chemistry and can take over a game and Kanter is a great inside pressence. I see the USA winning, but not by much.

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look for tobias harris to

look for tobias harris to have a very very good game
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Mirotic is being talked

Mirotic is being talked about as a very sound and talented player. IT should be interesting to see him play vs the athletic US squad. In a recent post, some guy said Kanter was a top 150 hs player, we'll see how he plays against Sullinger. Too bad the US team has no inside player except Sullinger, they won't be able to stop Kanter, Thompson, Musli, Mirotic.

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I never heard of that dude

I never heard of that dude Sui Ran, can anyone give me more info on him?

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Enes Kanter is the most

Enes Kanter is the most intruiging to me, hes one of the guys to watch

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