NBA Lottery Lowdown: How Would John Wall Help the Bottom Feeders Rise?

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NBA Lottery Lowdown: How Would John Wall Help the Bottom Feeders Rise?

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Depends on what team lands him and if they can get a key free agent/draft steal

see Tyreke Evans=ROY; Brandon Jennings=playoffs

I like a Iguodala-Wall backcourt
or an unconventional Iguodala-Wesley Johnson backcourt;

Iguodala&Wall> Wall thrives in the open court and so does Iguodala,

I think that would be a good fit for him and Iguodala will set Wall up on offense and I just like that combo's athleticism.

Nets could get Turner and Rudy Gay, but Nets already have a lot of point forwards in Douglas Roberts and now slashing guard Terrence Williams.

Turner could be a good fit anywhere production wise but I doubt he is better than Iguodala who I think is a good complementary player.

But ppl say Turner, Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose are all franchise players but Iguodala is not, that is ABSOLUTELY unfair in terms of WINS Iguodala WINS ball games. PERIOD.

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wow thanks for the virus to

wow thanks for the virus to go along with the link...

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He does not win games at all. He is a great 2nd option but the management is a group of idiots who think he is a franchise player. I believe Wall and Turner have the chance to be franchise players but more than likely they are never going to reach the Kobe/Bron/Wade status.

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