Men vs. Women

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Men vs. Women

This is kinda related to nevilleroaneking's question on Candace vs a man. but my boys and me also got into an argument the other night, could 5 decent male bball players, nothing to good, but we got couple of 6 footers beat an above average D2 womens team in a full game of 5 on 5, because to me, not only would we beat them,but I honestly dont think it would be close, men are just better athletes, theres not getting around it. Any thoughts?

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its not all about athleticism.

D2 ballers though seriously, go play some WNBA stars and see if you can hang lol

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You'd probably lose just bcs

You'd probably lose just bcs they play together every day just cause it's a team

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If the men are athletic 6 footers, then I don't think the women will win. If the team has a couple guys who are heavier (210+ pounds) then the men will absolutely dominate the women as Candace Parker (6'4) is only 175. 25 pounds on her means absolutely tearing up the boards on them. 

 Women are getting close to men in terms of individual sport records in the last decade, but team sports, they stand no chance. 

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from what I've seen, women

from what I've seen, women have trouble with making wide open layups.

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The men would win big. They

The men would win big. They would have the advantage in height, athleticism, strength, and the womens ball is smaller so the women would have a tough time using the regular ball.

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Dudes win all day, not even a question

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when i was going to junior

when i was going to junior college, me and 4 other guys who were all former varsity highschool players, but none of us were college level, we played the womens team from my JC. They were the best womens team in the state and won the california state championship. Let me just say, they kept us on our toes a littel, but it was not even close. We had to go about 70% not get physical and we still schooled them.

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A group of the kids I play with had to play against two girls team in a 3 on 3 tourney.

First game, all the girls they were playing against were deaf. My friend still brags about how he blocked the living soul out of one of the girls from behind. They won.

Second game, they played against a really good girls team, who played high school ball. They smoked my boys, and it wasn't close.

My friends aren't scrubs either. Girls may not be as athletic but they can win.

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