my mock draft

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i don't see Vasquez in the

i don't see Vasquez in the second round. He is first round talent, because he is a scoring machine, and can pass quite well too. I don't see bradley in the first round. Nice talent, but his poor year at Texas will hurt his stock. I see him going early second. Jazz already have a nice young SG in Wes Matthews. They more need someone to replace AK when he goes out with injury. Maybe Aminu but more preferably Wes Johnson. Someone will take Bledsoe earlier then 24 because of his huge upside they will be willing to take the risk. Mason-Griffin will go undrafted, because of his horrible season(s) at Oklahoma. Other then that not too bad.

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There is no way right now that anyone can say willie warren is goign be top 20 pick. Right now no way!

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I disagree. This draft is

I disagree. This draft is lacking in PG talent. If a team is really looking for one, Warren could possibly go top 20.

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Tommy Mason-Griffin too high

Tommy Mason-Griffin too high Jordan Crawford too low

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