Potential Net New lineup 2010

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Potential Net New lineup 2010

PG. Harris ( anyone who thinks he should be traded has never seen him play much)
SG. E Turner (Chances are that "the Field" will get John Wall, not a bad concelation prize)
SF. R Gay ( most likely will not resign, he will be looking to get paid and Memphis wont spend due to lack of fan support)
PF. David Lee ( i think that if the Knicks thought highly of him they would have resigned him. it has nothing to do with clearing cap space because he would have taken a back loaded deal)
C. Lopez ( 2nd best Center in the league behind D Howard

C Lee
late 1st rounder
1st pick 2nd rounder

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I agree with all except Lee

I agree with all except Lee signing w/the Nets I think he's done playing on a losing team.
I know the Nets will have picks and young talent but I still can't see him signing with them unless they give him a great offer.
Lopez the 2nd best Center thats a good one.
A guy that good wouldn't let his team loose so many games.
He's not better than Bogut so he's not even the 2nd best Center in the East.

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I wonder who the Nets will draft, really dont care really but anways...


Where do you get your stats from, numbers say that Lopez does more to help his team than Bogut.

And I checked the EWA, some players actually can have negative Wins Shared, Its not hard to see that whatever Lopez does to win is negated by bad team play.

Rank Estimated Wins Shared
1st Dwight Howard, 17.4
4th Brook Lopez, 13.5
7th Andrew Bogut, 10.4
Both Lopez and Bogut are top 10 centers but Lopez has to carry more of a load than Bogut and you cannot say that Bogut would be leading the Nets to championship glory if Bogut were traded for Lopez right now.

Lopez is more efficient a better rebounder than Bogut, Bogut is fast for his size though.

and he grabs a higher percentage of rebounds, I will give him that. I think they are both pretty equal.

You just LIKE Bogut more than Lopez, Lopez would be equally capable of contributing on that Bucks team as Bogut.

Low Post Offense: Lopez
Rebounding/Speed: Bogut

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EDIT: A telling


A telling stat

Offensive Rating
Defensive Rating

Andrew Bogut
ORtg: 107
DRtg: 98

Brook Lopez
ORtg: 113
DRtg: 109

So overall Bogut is a better rebounder defensive hustle player and Brook has a better true shooting percentage. I'd take Lopez though he is a traditional sloww footed center.

On second thought Bogut is better bcuz I lake my big men to sacrifice touches and Lopez complains sometimes about his touches :D

Either way Nets are bad and Lopez and Bogut are pretty close in terms of overall production (offensively as well as defensively)
Brook Lopez NBA & ABA Statistics |
Andrew Bogut NBA & ABA Statistics |

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i dont dont lee would sign..

i dont dont lee would sign.. you say hes done playing with a losing team but hes said he wouldnt mind playing with the knicks again. said that a couple of seasons now and we all knew they were gonna be a losing team. and they already have a site for there new gym so they will be in ny in a good 2 years

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metatron... those earned

metatron... those earned wins average doesnt mean anything when youve only won 10 games.... what u just said is one of the dumbest things ive ever heard...

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Bucks suck Nets suck why do people come onto these topics? to make dumb predictions,

Either way Lopez and Bogut are interchangeable

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