Yao Considering Opting Out of Contract?

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Yao Considering Opting Out of Contract?

Though it has long been assumed Rockets center Yao Ming's foot injury and extensive surgery would prevent him from opting out of his contract after this season, Yao said Saturday he was “not sure” if the uncertainty with the NBA's labor negotiations would lead him to become a free agent this summer.

Yao, 29, said he has not considered his options, but was noncommittal about whether he might opt out of his contract.

“I'm sure I'm not sure until after we discuss (it),” Yao said. “We have not started (to) discuss it yet, so I'm not sure, either way. I have to talk to my agent first before we start to decide where I need to go. If you ask my agent, he will say, ‘I have to ask Yao and we will start discussing it.'”

If Yao does not jump into the deep pool of 2010 free-agent talent, he is due to earn $17.7 million next season in the final year of his contract. The next collective bargaining agreement is expected to reduce the number of years and value of a maximum contract, making a contract signed this offseason potentially worth more than one signed in 2011

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle

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I don't see. That's the main

I don't see. That's the main reason why I didn't post it.

Yao is making 17 mil next year- Who's giving him more money next season? He might as well earn his 17 and do his thing in Houston and in 2011, become a Free Agent if the NBA is still going on.

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I can't believe he's 29

I can't believe he's 29 already. Maybe it's just me, but I remember when he 1st got to the NBA and was terrible lol.

Now he's thinking about opting out of a 17 million dollar deeal after not playing for a full season and a good deal of the last season he was healthy for.

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I suppose the logic behind

I suppose the logic behind would be, yeah, he can make 17mil next year, but the year after that the cap could be cut in half with the new CBA and he could potentially have to sign a deal for like 8 mil a year for say 5 years, or he could opt out this year and sign like a 5 or 6 year deal for like 12,13,14,15 mil and make more money over that same time period because of it.

I obviously have no idea what the contracts will look like after the next CBA, so those numbers are just speculation, but there's a lot of rumors and it's definitely going to make some players think about what their next contract is going to look like and we could definitely see some guys like Yao opt out early.

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lol 2010 summer would be

lol 2010 summer would be even more ridiculous if Yao opts out. Not for just his talent, but the whole China Market would follow him whatever team he goes to.

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Of Yoa and Lebron together lol idk if it would work but be cool. Put both of them in Miami with wade would be sweet

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i doubt that he ops out..

i doubt that he ops out.. the only reason i could see it is if he really doesnt wanna be in houston anymore since he wont be able to get more money on another team if the cap goes down as much as its projected to. if he can still get that same amount somewhere else then maybe. but he could also opt out and get more from the rockets if im not mistaken

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Why not bring LeBron to

Why not bring LeBron to Houston? (: I hear we're pulling for a sign and trade of Bosh.

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Yao would get extension

Simply because he can get a max deal this year under current CBA rather than risking getting a smaller deal after the new CBA comes into effect.

The new CBA would certainly reduced the following:
- % of money allocated for players (reducing cap)
- lower maximum salary
- shorter contracts
- potentially lower maximum % increase per year
- potentially non-guarantee contract
- may also add in exceptions when the player's actions lead to serious damage to the team's image (i think they would consider this after Arenas, Artest, Starbury, etc)

Yao and his agent would be smart enough to figure it would be in his best interest to get an extension from the Rockets (that way, he wouldn't even need to opt out).

Given the amount of money Yao added to a franchise, he would definitely get and worth the MAX contract. The Rockets turned from losing money to be one of the most profitable franchise in the NBA shows you how important it is for the Rockets to keep Yao at all cost.

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Makes Sense

It makes sense why he would opt out. I think if he does opt out, he's likely to give Houston the first shot at him. Even with his injuries he's likely to garnish a lot of attention. I'm not seeing any available centers worth much, let alone anyone 7'6 with his skills. If Eric Dampier can pull as much money as he has in a contract year, Marcin Gortat can get paid like a starter to only play 10 minutes a guy and two of the most injury plagued guys in the league in Shaq and Jermaine O'Neal are still making over $20 Million a year, Yao will probably get another contract that is is giving him at least 12 million a year.

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