First time?

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First time?

With Butler, Duke, West Virginia, and Michigan State making up the final this going to be the first time that the Final Four didnt even have a lottery pick? Its just crazy that none on the top college players are still around

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Yeah, honestly this FF might

Yeah, honestly this FF might be the most boring in a while...

If I told you that Duke would be the only #1 seed left in the FF, you wouldn't believe me...

But this tourney was super entertaining, seeing #1 seeds drop to unexpected teams keeps you watching

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never thought of that

thats kinda nuts that there really isnt a lottery pick, whose even the best prospect? desean butlter,hayward, smilth?...while i dont think he will get drafted high at all when he does get drafted but i think durrell summers is a stud. he doesnt always bring it but last yr and his yr in the tournament he has been huge for the spartans

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devin ebamks

he could be a lotto pick in the draft. not a guarantee but could be. i think it will be a good final four tho. good basketball anyway, maybe not flashy but these teams play HARD!

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Zero doubt that come June

Zero doubt that come June there will be a lottery pick from one of the Final Four teams. Absolutely no doubt. Ebanks is still a great prospect who length, athleticism, and defensive versatility makes him a candidate to go much higher than some people think. There were reports of scouts who liked Hayward as a lottery pick long before the tournament. People have been hot and cold on Singler and Lucas. The incredible success of Da'Sean Butler this season is going to win over scouts and GMs who believe in name program, big performing college guys translating to the pros. Those guys are still out there, and if you don't believe me check out the Indiana and Chicago rosters.

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