What happened to Jason Smith?

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What happened to Jason Smith?

Last time i saw him play was in summer league before his rookie year. He was handling the ball like a guard and hitting some nice looking jumpers. i know he was getting solid playing time for the 76ers, even in the playoffs i think, but he had a knee injury that i think took a year to recover from and ive never heard his name mentioned again.

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he still plays with the

he still plays with the 76ers, now with speights, dalembert, and brand, he's the solid 4th option. Speights comes in at backup center or pf.

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he just needs to either have

he just needs to either have some one on his team leave or he needs to leave, not enough minutes for him to play. I would go to milwakee, they like jump shooting big men at the 4 and it would be a nice change up off the bench from bogut at the 5.

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