Lottery Mock Draft with Explanations

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Lottery Mock Draft with Explanations

Order by Standings as of last Mock Draft by NBADRAFT.NET

1. New Jersey: John Wall – the first obvious

2. Minnesota – Evan Turner – the second obvious

3. Golden State – Wes Johnson – shocker? They already have two long, athletic raw big men in Randolph and Wright that they spent two first round picks on, Maggette is probably going to be there for a while, but outside of D-Leaguer Reggie Williams, UFA Kelenna Azubuike, and RFA Anthony Morrow, they don’t have a whole lot of viable options at SG and SF. I could almost see Motiejunas going here though, just because of the Nowitzki comparison, but I won’t indulge.

4. Washington: Derrick Favors – They already have two head cases with massive potential under contract in Blatche and McGee, so I see them staying away from the volatile Cousins, but they also need as much potential as they can at this point. I think their biggest positions of need are at the 2 and 3, but there just aren’t any real, logical options available, how about Deng to the Wizards for this pick? For the sake of Wizards fans, I hope Ernie Grunfeld isn’t reading this.

5. Detroit: DeMarcus Cousins – Cousins fits this franchise like a glove, can’t complain too much about a frontcourt of Charlie V and Big Cuz.

6. Philadelphia: Ed Davis – Call me an Ed Davis fan, I like him, and I know NBA scouts do too, actually more than anybody on this site. He has a lot of potential; he’s extremely long and quick for a PF, has potential elite shot blocking capabilities and actually has very good touch. I will admit though that he has nothing resembling even a semblance of a handle, but I just can’t put him above anybody not named Wall, Turner, Cousins, and Favors, I just don’t see Monroe, Motiejunas, or even Aminu having better NBA careers than Davis.

7. Sacramento: Greg Monroe - Is this a Geoff Petrie pick or what? Monroe is a phenomenal passer, he’s just not an athlete, but he does have good quickness, just not much lift. The problem I have with him is that he’s a terribly inconsistent shooter, I think he hit something like 20% of his mid range shots this year. With his type of athletic limitations this is going to have to be worked on, plus he’s never going to be a shot blocker, and only a good rebounder, in the 7-8 range. I don’t like the Odom comparisons because he’s not even close to being the athlete Odom is, but a taller, longer Boris Diaw comparison is favorable.

8. Indiana: Donatas Motiejunas – I think Bird will want Monroe, but he’ll end up with option 2 in Motiejunas, Troy Murphy and Jeff Foster will both be gone before the deadline next year.

9. Utah: Al-Farouq Aminu – Cheaper than giving Ronnie Brewer an extension, just have to figure out how to get rid of AK47’s contract???

10. Los Angeles Clippers: Xavier Henry – They need depth everywhere, outside of BDiddy, EG, Blake, and KaveMan, there’s nothing set on this team. Deandre Jordan also remains on the team per his contract, but he’s done little. So that means they have 8-10 roster spots to fill, I think they want somebody that can step in and contribute immediately. Can Henry play SF? He’s definitely strong enough, he definitely has range, yet I think he may be a little bit of a reach here. I just don’t see them taking a shot on a big guy like Aldrich, Patterson, Whiteside, Vesely, or even Daniel Orton over getting a huge need in a wing.

11. Milwaukee: Jan Vesely – I think Skiles is going to love this kid’s motor, he’s 6’11”, athletic, can step out and guard on the perimeter and has developing range as well as a developing handle. I love Patterson here too, but I think Vesely has a little more in the potential department because of his developing perimeter skills; Patterson is just atrocious off the dribble. I don’t see them taking a SG here, I think the fact that they’re going to have 2 SGs on their roster next year at a combined $20M will prevent that.

12. New Orleans: Cole Aldrich – The Hornets need to get somebody that can step in and contribute immediately. They get a player that is a bonafide 25 min per game option right off the bat. Possibly one of the most solid frontcourts in the West with Okafor, West, and Aldrich.

13. Houston: Daniel Orton – Surprise Pick? I think he’s got a ton of potential, big time boom or bust kind of pick, either you get Nene or you get Joel Anthony, still a very good shot blocking type of PF/C, something the Rockets desperately need. I like him as a C, and with Yao continuing to ail, they need somebody besides David Anderson and Chuck Hayes to be their full time 5. I think a future frontcourt of Hill and Orton looks very promising.

14. Memphis: Paul George – I like Patterson here too, but I think they still haven’t had a chance to get a good look at Darrell Arthur yet. I also don’t see Michael Heisley giving Rudy Gay a Max contract. The guy got rid of Pau Gasol for pennies on the dollar, and don’t say he knew Marc was going to be good; everybody bashed him for that trade. I like George, he’s athletic, has phenomenal range, but my problem with him is his lack of interest in playing sometimes, like he doesn’t care one way or another, but at worst this kid is Corey Brewer and at best he could be Rudy Gay 2.0, but more likely a Trevor Ariza type. Regardless, a definite upgrade over Sam Young and Demarre Carroll, although I do like Sam Young, but he’s already 25 and still can’t shoot from 3. Carroll has been a disappointment as well.

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I just don't see Washington taking another big. They're either gonna trade the pick or use the pick on a wing player. Orton doesn't get drafted that early and I don't know about Paul George. Most mocks have George as a late first round early second round pick. I think the draft combine could make his stock go higher but if the draft was based on potential, he'd be right there. It's hard to believe that George wasn't highly touted out of high school.

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G.S. has about 10 guards and

G.S. has about 10 guards and small forwards on that team, i don't know why they would want another guard or sf. Then again, Nelson loves athletic big men and he uses them wrong.

Wash has 2 good bigmen with potential, why do they want 3 big men with potential? That's like having Amar'e and Chris Bosh and then wanting to get Blake Griffin.. Cmon man.. That's stupid

Ed Davis? Are you serious? Have you heard of Marresse Speights?

Sacramento getting Monroe? 3 names: Carl Landry, Spencer Hawes, Jason Thompson.. All 3 good bigmen with potential.

Al-Farouq Aminu behind Andrei Kirilenko? Maybe he could learn from AK47 or maybe AK47 won't give him playing time.

Xavier Henry is NOT going to LAC.. Why? Eric Gordon and Travis Outlaw. B-Diddy and Rasual Butler. Thats why.

Milwaukee will probably take Jan Vesely but they might take Cole Aldrich.

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I don't think the sixers

I don't think the sixers will get a big man like Ed Davis they'll go for a shooting guard like Wes Johnson or if theyre lucky enough Evan Turner.

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The Clippers

The Clippers will def take a SF like Ebanks or Henry. Although I can see them taking Bledsoe with their pick if he declares.

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Orton will stay. Cousins

Orton will stay. Cousins belongs in Golden State. Biedrins is not working out to well there. C is a position they lack not Small forward. The wizards would be much better off with a SF instead of a big guy. Clippers will go with Bledsoe or Ebanks. Henry is probably going to Sixers to replace Iggy, since he will be traded by the deadline. Sac already has plenty of good big men do not need another one. The only few picks that are right are Nets, Wolves, Jazz, and Pacers. Vesely is not going in the lottery. The only international guy in the lottery will be Montiejunas.
Here is my lottery
Wizards=Johnson(traded to Utah for Aminu, before the draft)
Philly=Whiteside(Dalembert is getting old. Sixers love his potential)
Jazz=Aminu(Traded to Wizards before the draft)
Clippers=Ebanks or Bledsoe
Bucks= Monroe
Grizz=Patterson(to replace Zach Randolph, he is getting old.

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Why Why Why

Why would Utah want to get rid of AK-47's contract? It's expiring and he has played very well this season.

I could easily complain about a Cousins/Villanueva front court, but then again I have never liked the Villanueva signing.

Other than those quips I really like this mock. One of the best I've seen.

I think Aldrich goes to Utah or Indiana, and Patterson goes to Milwaukee or Memphis.

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Orton isn't going to come

Orton isn't going to come out I just don't see it happening

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