NBA’s best Draft class since 2003 ?

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NBA’s best Draft class since 2003 ?

I was reading an article in about my man Beoubois
the writer(sekou smith) started his article with this sentence :
Mavericks rookie Roddy Beaubois is just the latest member of what is easily the NBA’s best rookie class since LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade to show off his goods.

that made me wondering about the best class since 2003 from a draft not a rookie class (for example guys like Marc Gasol&Scola are Sophomores but they weren't from 2008 draft class
we all know that 1984,1996,2003 are considered the greatest drafts ever with some people add the 1998 with them
at the same time of the last year people were saying that 2008 draft class will join them(I remember reading an article saying that in this site) but now a lot of people start thinking that 2009 is better class and considering that 1 year ago Rubio&Griffin was considered best 2 players in the draft and hadn't played yet and still those rookies showed they are really good
but the 2009 NBA draft really lacked size and with guys like Hill&Thabeet didn't shine yet it seems that this draft is all about guards (and btw the top selected guard Harden isn't doing that great)
on the other hand 2008 Draft has a great C in Brook Lopez and his brother starting to show he is really good,Rose already an All-star and many other players having great role with their teams
lastly it isn't just about those drafts as 2004,2005,2007 produced some of the league best players

so bottom line who do you think is the best draft since 2003?and do you think one of them will be remembered as good as the great drafts (1996,2003,&1984)

and btw that is the link for the article that made me open this thread if anybody interested reading it

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The 2008 class falls off

The 2008 class falls off pretty fast. After guys like Rose, Westbrook, Lopez, maybe Love, it lacks depth

The 2009 is heavy on PGs with Jennings, Curry, Collison, Lawson, Holiday, Beaubois.

Evans is a beast, Griffin hasn't played yet, Harden looks like he will be a solid player. There were second round steals in Thornton and Blair. Terrence Williams has been playing great lately as well.

Thabeet could still come around and we haven't seen Rubio yet.

I think the 2009 class has great potential all around but it is still too early to tell.

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2008 is great

Rose-top 5 PG
Mayo- top 5 SG
B.Lopez top 3 C
Beasley?-top 5 SF/PF
Westbrook-top 10 PG
R. Lopez- top 5 Def.C
Gordon- top 10 SG
Gallo- top 10 INT"L player
Thompson- solid big,mostly a back up IMO
Bayless?- top 20 PG, great back-up, solid starter
Hickson-top 15 athlete
Lee- top 10 Def. Stopper,depends on where he plays
Randolph??????????????-----Mr. Potential,,,,Poor mans Chris Bosh
Chalmers- solid back up
Walker??-Who knows--maybe a solid starter on playoff team if he can get back to his old self
Greene??- top 15 Athlete maybe starting SF
Augustine??- Potentially top 20 PG-needs right system
Hibbert?- Potentially top 10 C
Hill?- solid back up poor mans Russell Westbrook
?=not yet to be seen but has potential

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2010 is the a very strong

2010 is the a very strong draft like 2003.. But it is very very deep.

2003 had about 6 players that are stars on their teams.
LeBron James
Carmelo Anthony
Dwyane Wade
Chris Bosh
Chris Kaman
David West

This draft will have many good players but not 6 franchise players.. maybe 3 or 4 if Xavier Henry can become one..

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franchise players

Kaman and West are not franchise players, maybe good 2-3 scoring options thou.

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this class cant be

this class cant be considered the best or one of the best can be considered one of the best in year one but we wont know how good they will be down the road. its funny because sooooo many people in the media( and alot on here) said this would be one of the worst classes

and Beoubois is nice but has had a pretty average rookie year and other then scoring he is a horrible passer for a pg

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Offline's not even a's not even a questions for me if those guys could reach something close to their ceilings.

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@QUINCEY I don't want that

@QUINCEY I don't want that to be another Beaubois thread,he has enough of them lol
I don't think that the 2009 will be that great as 2003 etc but it will be considered as a good one
also I think that between2004-2009 the last 2 will look better
I've to admit I was one of those who believed that 2008 will be a top 5 Draft but this season it just seems to be a good one rather than elite

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