Can K state's guards make it to the NBA?

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Can K state's guards make it to the NBA?

What do you guys think. This thought just popped into my head, and I've been thinking about putting at least Denis Clemente in my mock draft. I can't seem to find Jacob Pullen and I don't know why. Do you guys think they could make it in the pros or internationally? Where would they go if they were drafted?
Two guys to evaluate:
Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen

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Honest evaluation from a guy who's seen almost ALL their games

Both are longshots, but I think Clemente has a better chance than Pullen.

Clemente can come into the NBA and be as fast as Ty Lawson and he has the same ability to run full speed and not be turnover prone. He's not always a smart player with his shot selection, but he has a bunch of shots in his arsenal and the quick release to get them off. He's going to have to show he's a true PG and show he can play at more than 1 speed in Portsmouth in a few weeks. He's going to be sure to put up blazing speed and agility numbers in the combine if invited though to help his case. Best case, he's a very late 2nd rounder.

Pullen might not have the quickness, ball-handling, athleticism or the size to make it. He's a great shooter and a crafty scorer, but he's no better than a guy like Jack McClinton, who couldn't hold water in the Summer League this summer despite being a kinda quick and crafty scorer with a jumper. He's played PG, but that was his frehsman year and he was much more likely to look for his own shots than to distribute. He's a try-hard defender, but he lacks the quickness to defend in the NBA as well as he does in college.

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I believe Pullen will be in

I believe Pullen will be in the NBA.

On offense? He has that grit that alot of teams might like. He should be a energy ball off the bench.

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