Serge Ibaka

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Serge Ibaka

We all know this guy's name now but just in case, he's the long, athletic, young, and raw bigman for the thunder from Congo. He posesses a world of athleticism and is reported to have a 48" vert. Does this guy ever develop a nice offesnive game?

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No... Simply, he doesn't

No... Simply, he doesn't have to.. He's going to probably play the rest of his career with Durant, Westbrook, Harden, and Green. He doesn't have to have a"nice" offensive game but he does have to have a decent one.

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most guys that raw at this

most guys that raw at this stage never develop much of a offensive game. but on this team he doesnt have to

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To me? Serge Ibaka is

To me? Serge Ibaka is perfect right now. He can add maybe a little jumper but he's gonna be a guy who can come off the bench and provide energy

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Hes kinda young, at best he

Hes kinda young, at best he can be a poor mans Shawn Kemp....

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Serge'soffense has gotten a little better, he is hitting the mid range jumper consistently and he is developing a post game and he can shoot the 3-ball, and nobody wants to be dunked on by him

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KnickBoy35 if Serge Ibaka is

KnickBoy35 if Serge Ibaka is perfect, what was Jordan? I think he has a decent jumper for an athletic guy, because a lot of them end up just relying solely on their athleticism to score. He is a very solid player, not perfect by any means, but I see plenty of room for him to continue to improve and develop into a very good player in the NBA.

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I think a nice left and

I think a nice left and right handed baby hook and an 8-10 foot jumper and increasing his ft % to at least a 67-70% would be perfect for a player like him to add to his offensive arsenal.

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has nice jumper now. But in this team he doesn't must to use that...He hasn't 48'' vertical...maybe 38

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