JR Smith, Marcus Thornton, or Eric Gordon

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JR Smith, Marcus Thornton, or Eric Gordon

Who is the better shooting guard now and for the future?

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Marcus Thorton all the way.

Marcus Thorton all the way.

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Now: JR Smith Future: Eric

Now: JR Smith
Future: Eric Gordon [Future Being As Soon As Next Season]

But dont sleep on Marcus Thornton, hes not gonna be as good as those 2, but hes a very good 2-guard, and one of the biggest steals in the entire draft

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now eric gordan, future eric

now eric gordan, future eric gordan

gordan can score just as much as jr and wouldbe the starting sg in denver since he not only scores but also plays good defense. hes also more consistant

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Now I think it's

Now I think it's J.R.Smith.

Later I think it'll be Gordon, who I think will be able to score more than Smith while consistently playing strong D.

Just like Magikknick said, Thornton was a steal and I think he'll be a very nice scorer and player, but not quite on Gordon or Smith's level.

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well i never really seen

well i never really seen thornton play alot but he seems legit but im goin to need to see how he plays in year 2 to asses them as high as smith and gordon.....but as far as those to Gordon is my man...for the simple fact that you know exactly wat he is goin to give you good scoring and defense...and he isnt goint to make those bone head plays....Smith is a player that is best served comin of the bench and just go off...there some games where he can do somethin unheard or he can just be an ordinary player comin of the bench

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right now its clearly jr smith even tho he is up and dwn........... i believe if eric G ever lives up to his potential he can be a top 3 sg, he has to get that takeover mentality he has also been incosistent............ but marcus thorton was a steal NO already knew he had potential he was right n there back yard, he is a flat out scorer...

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Gordon is a better defensive

Gordon is a better defensive player than Smith or Thorton and he a more complete offensive player than both of them....

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JR Smith had size and

JR Smith had size and athletiscm over Gordon. Thorton is gonna be an outstanding back up but I think in time Gordon and Smith will both average 20 now JR Smith......future...........Gordon

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