NBA owners first offer...45million dollar cap

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NBA owners first offer...45million dollar cap

Hunter has been clear since seeing the owners' first offer – the hard ball offer - that would have cut the salary cap to roughly $45 million per team, while removing almost all of the cap exceptions and end fully guaranteed contracts.

Hunter was clear in February that the Players' would not agree to that kind of deal, and has pledged to put a counter offer on the table sometime in April or May.

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I hope this negotiating turns out well, because I don't see the players backing down. The owners need to stop handing out dumb contracts instead of wanting to be able to void any mistakes they make. I can't argue when someone wants to give a guy like Wade, Lebron, Kobe, Melo or Dwight Howard a max deal, but it kills me when people consider Chris Bosh a max player or Joe Johnson. Those guys are really nice players, but not on that same level as some of the guys I mentioned above. I can even argue giving Tim Duncan a max deal, he's still an excellent player, but he can't carry a team by himself. You can argue that he has done a ton for that franchise and he's also the face of the franchise. Owners have to stop overpaying role players like Gadzuric, Kirilenko, Larry Hughes or guys that have a really good year on a contract year like Charlie Villanueva or Jerome James who only had a really good playoff series. There are way too many overpaid guys and way too many underpaid guys. It seems like hardly anyone is paid what they are worth. You end up with either a bargain or a guy that cripples your capspace until he becomes an expiring deal.

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