NCAA Tournament Graduation Rates

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I dont really read long

I dont really read long threads like this but, Rbt and Quincey yall are talking about two diffrent subjects... Rbt is talking about the failed NCAA Mens Basketball system and Quincey is talking about how sometimes its better not to bring up some issues... I could be wrong..

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billyk, You Got It Right

billyk, you nailed it, thank you. I was talking about a system that's failed college athletes for DECADES while Quincey, for whatever reason, went into a racial attack mode. He was very emotional and couldn't understand what I was saying

As I mentioned above, the use of great athletes, who don't graduate or even make progress towards a degree, has been the rule in football and basketball for at least 60 years. One of the biggest changes in the 21st century is the changing demographics. The majority of great athletes in the two big time revenue sports are now black. As a result, it has the biggest impact on black athletes in today's world. But I'm firm in my belief it isn't overt racism, but an indirect form.

The only thing that's changed in the last 60 years is the pool of players and some half hearted attempts by the NCAA to implement academic standards.

The real problem is money, prestige, and our love of sports. NCAA Basketball and Football bring in tons of money, they make everyone feel better about their schools, and that publicity increases student enrollment. As a result, school administrations, the NCAA, and head coaches, who are rewarded for winning, have historically placed education on the back burner. They give it lip service but most people really don't care.

Despite that attitude, I listed several examples where major college basketball and academic integrity co-exist. Therefore, we know it can happen if the university culture changes, but we need people to demand change.

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