2010 nba worst case scenario

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2010 nba worst case scenario

I know people put out a lot of mock drafts but no one ever seems to make one with all the bad things that can wrong. This is my best effort at making one of the worst drafts ever

1. Utah- selects John Wall. What better way to add insult to injury is to have New Yorks 1st round pick turn out to be the franchise point guard New York so desperatly needs. But, it's not all good for the jazz. Due to the shock of landing the top pick, and suspicions that team magement appears intoxicated, the jazz then deals Wall to the Cavs for Zydrunas Illgauskas and a future second round pick (Illgauskas resigns with the cavs 2 hours later)

2. Washington- selects Demarcus Cousins. Apparently Wizards' management thinks Andray Blacthe and Gilbert Arenas will be a good influence on Cousins. As a gift for being drafted, Arenas lays out 4 guns and tells Cousins to pick one.

3. Golden State- Evan Turner. Could this be a change in fortune for the lowly warriors? Nah, he later got traded for Omar Samhan....but the team was able to get rid of Corry Maggette in the process so maybe things are looking up.

4. New Jersey- select Wesley Johnson. In a season where every thing can wrong, why not have the draft lottery go wrong too. Although a rumor is going around that Danny Ferry slipped David Stern a "twenty" before the draft lottery and he was seen adding an unknown substance in jazz management's drinks before the draft.

5. Minny- select Eric Bledsoe. It seems David Kahn's obsession with point guards continues. As the mystified crowd in the green room looks around in dis-belief, David Kahn is seen nodding with a smile on his face.

6. Indiana- select Luke Harangody. If anyone was still unsure if Larry Bird only drafts college seniors (preferable white ones too) all those doubters have been silenced.

7. Chicago- select Derrick Favors. With this pick and the fact that Chicago moved up in the lottery, all NBA fans are convinced god hates all the other Draft lottery teams.

8. Detroit- select Patrick Patterson. Finally, Detroit gets a rough post player to throw down low, but in the interview after being drafted Patterson decides he wants to model his game after Antione Walker and vows to shoot more 3's.

9. Sacramento- select Greg Monroe. This pick actually doesn't seem that terrible....not until Geoff Petrie trades Tyreke Evans to Houston because he says Monroe and Evans' game won't mesh?.........btw, sac only got Kyle Lowery and a first round pick (which Houston manages to get back) in return

10. Philly- select Hassan Whiteside. At first this pick looked good but later the 76ers found out Whiteside was a 21 year old freshman. This was discovered when a fan asked for his autograph and Whiteside had to ask a relative how to spell his own name.

11. L.A Clippers- select Blake Griffin?. This pick prompts an interviewer to ask a clippers representative, "what were you thinking?" The rep answers, " you're telling me this pick is worse than the pacers pick?"

12. New Orleans- select Xaixer Henry. Wow, what a great compliment to Chris Paul. someone who hits those shots when Paul gets him the ball. It was a nice thought until George Shin traded Henry and David West for cap relief.

13. Houston- select Harrison Barnes. WTF?! Did Morey make a deal with the devil or something. He stole Kevin Martin and Tyreke Evans from the Kings and now he drafts a guy who isn't even eligible. He's worse than Danny Ferry and his roofies.

14. Memphis- select Soloman Alabi. As if this team didn't have enough, bigs but they did get a hot tip from Thabeet on this guy.

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LMAO...This is

LMAO...This is hialrious..

iCried(Jazz getting that pick makes me cry, lol)

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LOL..this was pretty funny

LOL..this was pretty funny

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well done...i just got a few

well done...i just got a few minutes of entertainment during a very boring senior connections class

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