Jrue Holiday or Rodrigue Beaubois?

Which of these guys will be better long term? To me it seems like Beaubois has more natural talent. He's super athletic with a huge wingspan and great speed. Beaubois also seems to be a natural scorer. Holiday also looks like he'll be good. Which would rather have if you were starting a team?

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Beaubois has 26 pts at

Beaubois has 26 pts at halftime right now. lol.

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The kid is NASTY...I would

The kid is NASTY...I would take him over Holiday quick...Holiday could be a starter on a good team but Beaubois could be an all star on a good team

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*Finished with 40. 9-11 from

*Finished with 40. 9-11 from deep.

*-against the Warriors

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I guess Roddy must check the

I guess Roddy must check the Nbadraft.net forums on a regular basis.

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