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Which team can pull off the upset against them or give a nice tough series, which team do you not (if any) want to face in the first round of the playoffs? IMO I say they wouldn't want to face the Bobcats.

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The Bobcats might cause

The Bobcats might cause trouble, but I don't see them coming close to winning 4 games against the Cavs

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Nobody wants to play the

Nobody wants to play the bobcats, they play hard defence and if they have a night where they are scoring well then they will probably win. unforutnatly for them they can't score. hard series but i still think it wouldn't go past 5 games.

I really don't want to play the raptors however because we will be trying to get shaq back in the grove but he will have to be hanging out on the perimeter trying to guard someone much quicker than him.

I hope the bulls get up to the 8 seed, that would be easy pickings.

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