is brandon roy a franchise player?

i know hes pretty good but im not sold that he is a franchise player as of of now he also hasnt won a playoff series yet

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He's an all star though for sur eif hes the 2nd best player on your team than thats good

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Nope....he is a all star but

Nope....he is a all star but i believe he is 26? 27? and hasnt won a playoff series so the answer is no......but really how many franchise players are there in the L?? kobe, bron, melo, durant ( ya i know, he hasnt won but he is 21 he will ), i hate to say it but dwight.... i think tyreke is one but time will tell

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I think he is a guy you can

I think he is a guy you can definitely build a team around. This is what, his 4th season? I don't think it is fair to use the fact that he hasn't won a playoff series yet against him. The West has been very tough and the Blazers are still a young team that has gone through some bad luck injuries. I wouldn't say he is a top tier player though.

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Roy can be that guy if he

Roy can be that guy if he can stay healthy but he does not appear to be there yet.

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brandon is one of those players that is a go to guy a guy like him needs a partner thats why we have l.a but l,a loves too play soft and take jumpshots when l.a starts banging in thee post thats when we will start being unstopable then greg just needs to be a ben wallace type of player that why we drafted him to a like bill russel to control thee pant but leg problems has stop him from being that cuz when he is on thee floor he locks up no dumbass jumpshots in the post stupid layups get block

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Roy not a franchise player

They missed that in Kevin Durant...Trade oden due to his blazer bad luck similar to the clippers. They are just bad luck teams for top draft picks. Word to blazers and clippers just pick up free agents. What happened to Aldridge this year?

He is a great second option, but this team is built to be like the championship pistons there is no need for Kobe bryant just fiver stars who no there roles.
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Roy proved he belonged, made

Roy proved he belonged, made the Blazers one of the top teams in the West, and won so many games thanks to his clutch plays that there is no question he ain't a franchise player. Now he may lack experienced temmates to go far in the playoffs but it's not his fault.

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B Roy

I believe he is a franchise player if he also has big man who is similiar in ability, Someone a little more effective then Aldridge and who isnt as afraid to bang in the post on a nightly basis. He isn't like Lebron, Durant, Wade, and Kobe who I think could win with people more similiar to role players.

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l.a is never gonna be a

l.a is never gonna be a banger blazer. i hope thats not what you are waiting for because thats not his game. and even if he was a banger thats not whats keeping them from going to the next level. if he was a banger people whould say " we are just waiting for him to be more of a away from the basket player

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I think he's a 1st option

I think he's a 1st option player, but he needs a legit 2nd option though. I think he can be the best player for a franchise and that team will be able to contend for a title, but he needs a true 2nd option. I'm starting to think that Aldridge is a 3rd option player, he's not quite aggressive enough to be a 2nd option like he is, even though he's pretty productive. I think that the Blazer need a scoring big man to be the 2nd option, but that probably is going to be hard to find.

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Manu Ginobili and Brandon Roy are two players that if the game is close you better watch out

superstar on defense that can carry a team on defense maybe not...

first option on offense...yes

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Roy is one of my favorite

Roy is one of my favorite players. He's a legit first option offensively, but he has to start being more aggressive. I feel he's too nice. He has to start being more "selfish" or whatever you want to call it.

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YEs he is

A lot of people doubt Roy as a franchise palyer because he is soooo unselfish he just makes everyone around him better,if he had a legit second option player his team would definitely be way better. Aldridge is a 3rd option he is not a 2nd option at all...Roy is clutch and there isn't one thing he can't do on the court his leadership skills is just amazing to me I can see him winning a MVP or and a NBA championship before he retires. Look what he did today he barely took any shots today had 16 points going 5 for 7 from the field with 7 assist 4 rebounds and a block just give him one more legit player and people will realize how good he really is.

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