Hey Adi, Got a ?

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Hey Adi, Got a ?

You wrote that Farokhmanesh of UNI was actualy their fourth best player.

Behind Koch, Egleseder, and O'Rear

I can see behind Koch and Egleseder, maybe even Ahelegbe, but how do you rate him as the fourth best player behind O'Rear.

O'rear is a good, strong defender who provides versatility on defense but offers very little in the way of scoring (has only hit double digits once this season) and doesnt rebound at a high rate either. You could make the case for ahelegbe but O'Rear's off the bench defense doesnt make him a better player than Farokh with his clutch shooting IMO

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No I never wrote that he was

No I never wrote that he was their fourth best player behind O'Rear. I meant Ahelegbe.

The two sentences are in different paragraphs. Sorry for the confusion. 

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