Hasheem Thabeet

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Hasheem Thabeet

Hasheem Thabeet is one player I've been following all season, and since returning to the Grizzlies from his stint in the D-league he has really played much better. Granted he has been playing more since Marc Gasol has been injured, but he has responded well averaging about 7 points 7 rebounds and blocking 2 shots per game in his last 5 games, the increased game time he saw in the D-league paired with Marc Gasol's injury have proved to speed up his development this season and he has shown some signs becoming a solid defensive center this past month.

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told you all thabeet is tha

told you all
thabeet is tha BEAST

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doesnt mean he was worth the

doesnt mean he was worth the 2nd pick...

imagine memphis with a tyreke, mayo backcourt..

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Great Pick

Thabeet (in probably about his 5th year of playing basketball or so) should be coming into his own right around the time the Grizz get awesome.....the bad pick was Mike Conley....

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Did y'all see the opening

Did y'all see the opening tipoff against the Kings Monday night? When he jumped center and he tipped the ball..Then some how he ended back up with ball and went in for a dunk? That was the 1st time i've ever seen that he's still playing the same way before he left..But before he left..He was getting pushed around in the post..Now he's trying to maintain his position down low...With Gasol out..He seems more comfortable knowing he doesn't have to rush to do something positive to remain on the floor..And he was confused when he got the ball in his hands on offense..And commited to many silly fouls trying to block every shot on defense..Another thing i think he needs to work on,is when he blocks a shot..He knocks it out of bounds instead of trying to knock it toward their basket...

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maybe he just needed his ego

maybe he just needed his ego hurt a little.

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RUDEBOY :do you have a video

RUDEBOY :do you have a video for that play?

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