Z is back

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Z is back

Hooray Z is back in Cleveland, now all I wish for is a ring.
Should they start Z over Shaq? Z really plays way better with Bron than Shaq does

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well shaq can't play till

well shaq can't play till playoff time so obviously yes.

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Z is going to be a nobody..

Z is going to be a nobody.. Gunna take him atleast 1 month to get into shape. Same thing with Shaq, luckily Shaq doesn't shoot 15ft jumpers.

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when both are healthy the

when both are healthy the don't need to be in shape, they each play 20 minutes and varejao gets the other 8. Also do you think Z just went home and stuffed his face with tweenkies? he wasn't hurt he was traded and bought out, i'm sure he still worked out.

Has shaq ever been in shape in his life?

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Yes, Shaq at one point was

Yes, Shaq at one point was in great shape, although it has been a minute since that was the case.

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