ESPN Lottery Draft Machine

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ESPN Lottery Draft Machine

1-Nets: John Wall
2-Timberwolves: Evan Turner
3-Warriors: Derrick Favors
4-Wizards: DeMarcus Cousins
5-Pistons: Al-Farouq Aminu
6-76ers: Wesley Johnson
7-Kings: Ed Davis
8-Pacers: Cole Aldrich
9-Jazz: Greg Monroe
10-Clippers: Hassan Whiteside
11-Bucks: Patrick Patterson
12-Hornets: Jan Vesely
13-Rockets: Donatas Motiejunas
14-Grizzles: Eric Bledsoe

What do you guys think? This is not my mock draft this was on ESPN, opinions?

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the machine is flawed...

the machine is flawed... doesnt take into account team needs... for instance i dont think the pistons would take another sf in aminu.. 76ers wont need johnson.. kings wont need ed davis... so on so forth...

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We could def use Wes Johnson, iggy at 2 and wes at 3 isn't too bad. Jrue, Iggy, Wes, EB, Speights is an improvement.

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apb, what about thadeous

apb, what about thadeous young? i understand he doesn't have a true position but you can't argue with his production.

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I don't think Davis will

I don't think Davis will declare, and I doubt bledsoe goes in the Lottery. Henry should be in there instead. And Vesely would never make the lottery. This is seriously flawed. Chad Ford has no idea what he is talking about.

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I wouldn't be surprised if he went ahead of Montie.....he's really good....

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