Cornell Big Red

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Cornell Big Red

Does anyone from Cornell have a shot on draft day or as an undrafted free agent pick up?

I guess the big two are Wittman and Foote

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Home Court

I don't think anyone will be drafted from Cornell. But I do think they have a shot against UK since they are going to be the team with the home court advantace playing in Syracuse. There are so many kids from Syracuse that go to Cornell, so don't be surprise to see the red sea at the carrier dome which is about an hour away from Cornell.

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Foote and Wittman they'll

Foote and Wittman they'll get invites to summer league teams, but if they wish to continue there pro careers they are better suited for Europe. As for there game against Kentucky I believe they can win for a few reasons. 1) They're more disciplined and experienced than Kentucky, 2) John Wall turns the ball over enough amount of times to keep Cornell in it, 3) Cornell has a lot of good shooters, 4) They have to frustrate DeMarcus Cousins and get him in foul trouble if he is in foul trouble Cornell will be able to take advantage of the paint. I am very excited for this game, and pulling for Cornell.

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