Xavier University: Academic Trivia

In a tournament dominated by teams with atrocious graduation rates for the starting teams, Xavier University can be extremely proud of their record. Check this out.

Xavier takes academics seriously. Out of the last 77 players who made it to their senior year, 100% graduated.

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A lot of the top notch

A lot of the top notch schools give walk on spots to guys who are 3.0+ students to help with the academic numbers and graduation rates.

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llperez22 on Athletics and Academics

llperez22, that's an excellent point and I agree wholeheartedly. That's why you will always see me talking about the atrocious graduation rates of the starters in NCAA basketball.

In terms of this thread, I watched a special news report on Xavier and the 77 year old nun who works out every day and supervises the academic program for the basketball players. That's a woman who takes education seriously and provides the kind of leadership those young men need to succeed academically.

As a little aside. Most people didn't notice, but in last year's Woman's NCAA tournament, 14 teams had a 100% graduation rate. The women come from the same neighborhoods, the same families, and attended the same high schools as the men. Why are they doing so much better than their male counterparts?

I think it's the lack of that male "I'm going to play in the NBA fantasy" that somehow tricks them into placing way too much emphasis upon athletics.

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