Bryan Davis

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Bryan Davis

I think Bryan Davis is a legit mid to late 2nd round pick. He is the type of experienced garbage player that just end up making NBA rosters despite being undersized. Brockman, Darnell Jackson, Taylor Griffin and others aren't the most gifted players drafted but end up making rosters and being solid practice players and 10-12th men. I think Davis is an NBA level player in that same mold. Unlike they guys I mentioned earlier, Davis, in my opinon, has a higher BBall IQ and really knows how to get under a players skin defensively. He is a great post passer and rebounder for only being 6'7''ish. Not only do I think he is a guy who will get drafted in the late 2nd, but a guy who will end up making a roster too.

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I could see him being a

I could see him being a Reggie Evans type, a cement-shoe'd hustle player who's a surprisingly good passer from the post and a guy who's willing to get dirty for the team. He's a long-shot, but I could see a team taking him for toughness and 6 fouls.

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he would be a good practice

he would be a good practice player and as stated above give you his fouls. I didn't think Powe was going to do anything because of all the same reasons.

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